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Water disinfectants

Water disinfectants
Intended for disinfecting water in swimming pools for recreation and rehabilitation, water to drink, for disinfection of surfaces, objects, sanitary equipment, devices that are not sensitive to corrosive effect of chlorine.Ingredients: 100 g granulate contains 99.0 g Sodium dihlorizocijanurata dih..
386.00 RSD
ZEOLITEZEOLITE - Micron powder complex for oral use is a dietary supplement. It helps to repair gastroenterological manifestations, removes free radicals, toxins and heavy metals, and improves the body's immunity. Zeolite is an antioxidant with a wide spectrum of action. It is contraindicated durin..
345.00 RSD
ABDOMIN is activated zeolite, instrumental, mineral of human health. Helps you resolve problems:organs of the abdominal cavity It helps in detoxification of the body Fixes problems on the same day or for up to several days of beginning to use, and no "one fine day" in the distant future...
680.00 RSD
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