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Credo Company Ltd Vranje has been established and developed into a modern company for designing and implementing the works in the field of electro installations and construction since 2001. It is capable of meeting the most of complex market demands.
The company is engaged in performing the electrical works in both strong and weak currents, as its predominant business, and since 2005. and the final-handicraft-building works.
The company has operated in the previous period with a constant increase in the number of employees, business income and business profit. In the year 2004. and 2005. it occupied the fourth and in 2006. and 2007. the third position for business profit among the firms ranked in the journal BUSINESS & FINANCE - BUSINESS TOP for the Pčinjski region.
Today Credo Company Ltd has bussiness units in Vranje, Niš and Belgrade. We have designed, and realised a great number of versatile object in accordance with our competence and LICENCES.
The satisfaction of our investors and users after the finished job, which is also indicated by numerous RECOMMENDATIONS AND DIPLOMAS, is our main directive and further leading sign in our work.
Besides the main office in Vranje, the company has its branch offices in Nis and Belgrade for more efficient performance of its basic activities.
Brand: CREDO
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Brand: CREDO
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