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Credo Company Ltd Vranje has been established and developed into a modern company for designing and implementing the works in the field of electro installations and construction since 2001. It is capable of meeting the most of complex market demands.
The company is engaged in performing the electrical works in both strong and weak currents, as its predominant business, and since 2005. and the final-handicraft-building works.
The company has operated in the previous period with a constant increase in the number of employees, business income and business profit. In the year 2004. and 2005. it occupied the fourth and in 2006. and 2007. the third position for business profit among the firms ranked in the journal BUSINESS & FINANCE - BUSINESS TOP for the Pčinjski region.
Today Credo Company Ltd has bussiness units in Vranje, Niš and Belgrade. We have designed, and realised a great number of versatile object in accordance with our competence and LICENCES.
The satisfaction of our investors and users after the finished job, which is also indicated by numerous RECOMMENDATIONS AND DIPLOMAS, is our main directive and further leading sign in our work.
Besides the main office in Vranje, the company has its branch offices in Nis and Belgrade for more efficient performance of its basic activities.
Brand: CREDO
Chrome and stainless metal top quality, is its durability. Because of its design and the position of these, it is suitable and for having a pedicure. Strong enough for a pedicure and optimum gentle for a manicure. * Do a manicure right after a bath, nails will be softer than usual, and therefore ..
440.00 RSD
Brand: CREDO
Strength and compactness are the main characteristics of these snacks that will perfectly fit in your hand. Because of its size, it is ideal for a manicure, and its accuracy will help you to get your nails quickly and easily. Its thin blade gently towards her fingernails and won't lead to crac..
345.00 RSD
Brand: CREDO
Optimal level of abrazivnosti is the main characteristic of these modern files. It comes in a few colors in the Credo of Pop art collection, modern design and unusual shapes. Will make to fostering nail becomes much simpler, but much more interesting than before. We supply quality, gotten experie..
680.00 RSD
Brand: CREDO
Besides the normal nail, toenail clippings also makes an important part of nurtured and pretty hands. Credo knife is very efficient in precise, orderly and hygienic otklananju cuticle. Small and compact blade will allow You easy handling without injury. On the other hand, there is the so-called. ..
480.00 RSD
Brand: CREDO
Chrome, abrasive metal from which this file was made, allows its application on artificial and natural nails. Over time I lost its abrazivnost, it remains just as effective. You can find it in a few, summer and bright colors that will surely beautify Your utensils for manicure. We supply quality,..
255.00 RSD
Brand: CREDO
If you use them only once, you will never want anything else for your nails and cuticles. Matte chrome metal gives a special touch to their appearance. Their quality, durability, precision and strength are properties of that story for 20 years. Try them once, Your nails they will love them foreve..
1,210.00 RSD
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