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ChirocistIN is a dietary supplement that contains the active isomerinositol: D-chiro-inositol. Use with PolicistIN is recommended, in order to promote dietary treatment of PCOS and insulin resistance.

Inositol belongs to the B group of vitamins and is a component of the cell membrane. It is found in fruits, legumes, cereals and nuts, and is produced by the body itself.

Inositol is a component of inositol phosphoglycans (IPGs) that are "secondary carriers" in insulin signaling.

Women with PCOS are believed to have a “secondary carrier” (IPG) disorder that contributes to insulin resistance.

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is an endocrine disorder characterized by chronic absence of ovulation, associated with hyperandrogenism and insulin resistance.

The link between insulin resistance and PCOS has over time led to the conclusion that agents that increase insulin sensitivity could be the main therapeutic choice in the treatment of PCOS.

Two particularly prominent agents of this species are the active forms of inositol: D-chiro-inositol and myo-inositol. Physiologically, in our organism, inositol is a chemical mediator that enters the composition of the cell membrane, from which the compound inositol-triphosphate is further formed. This compound has the role of a "secondary transmitter" and is responsible for transmitting the information that certain hormones carry with them at the intracellular level. Some of the hormones that work in this way are insulin and follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH).

D-chiro-inositol, by increasing tissue sensitivity to insulin, can regulate blood glucose levels and thus contribute to the prevention of metabolic syndrome, which in many cases develops as a continuation of insulin resistance.

Both active isomers can contribute to the reduction of androgen hormone levels. In addition, myo-inositol (one of the active ingredients in PolicistIN) has specific effects on the ovaries by modulating the action of FSH, which is important in the regulation of the normal menstrual cycle and the formation of eggs.

Myo-inositol and D-chiro-inositol

Both myo-inositol (MYO) and D-chiro-inositol (DCI) have been studied as potential supplements in infertility therapy in women with PCOS.

According to recent reports1 and given the importance of inositol for optimal metabolism control, hormone signal transduction, and ovarian function, the combination of MYO and DCI should coincide with the physiological relationship of MYO: DCI in plasma and follicular fluid.1

When the conversion of MYO to DCI is not optimal, therapy with DCI may be the solution.2

Combination treatment with MYO: DCI in patients with PCOS improved parameters such as diastolic blood pressure, fasting glucose, fasting insulin ... A similar, positive trend was detected for HOMA index, triglycerides and HDL and LDL cholesterol levels. In most patients, ovulation is achieved again.3

Myo-inositol and D-chiro-inositol

-improve insulin sensitivity

-reduce insulin resistance

-reduce the concentration of free testosterone

-improve glucose utilization

-establish and normalize the menstrual cycle

-improve the pregnancy rate

How to use: Children older than 12 years - dissolve one bag a day directly in the mouth without adding liquid or dissolve in a glass of water or other cold drink.

Packing: 30 bags

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