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Bone Up MD is an innovative preparation for osteoporosis and osteopenia with an additional immune effect. Calcium citrate and vitamin K2 give strength to bones, Vitamin D3, Zinc citrate and Magnesium citrate have a dual role - they participate in building and rebuilding bones, as well as a key role in raising the levels of the immune system. Just one bag a day in a glass of water, it refreshes with its fantastic orange flavor. Great Bone Up MD for strong bones and good immunity in a new shape. Bone Up MD bags that dissolve in water for faster and better absorption. This is the most complementary and most delicious supplement of calcium, magnesium and zinc, which primarily serves to raise immunity, and then for effective prevention and treatment of osteoporosis and bone fractures.Bone Up MD is used in conditions of decreased immunity, but also in conditions where supplementation is needed to strengthen bones.Bone-UP MD supplement of calcium, magnesium and zinc is a combination of calcium citrate, magnesium citrate, zinc citrate, vitamin K2 and vitamin D3 which affect the proper and even incorporation of calcium into the bone matrix, while raising the level of the body's immune defenses. Therefore, this supplement helps maintain the integrity of the skeletal system and the health of the arterial and cardiovascular system, as well as defense against infections.Vitamin supplement for people with sensitive stomachs.It is especially safe for patients after gastric bypass surgery. Calcium citrate is primarily used in patients with osteopenia and osteoporosis, but also for conditions such as hypoparathyroidism, certain diseases of the muscular system (latent tetany), low levels of calcium in the blood (diet). Calcium plays a key role in the activity of neutrophils and phagocytes, cells that destroy bacteria.Calcium is also recommended for people who need to take additional amounts of calcium, such as pregnant women, nursing mothers, postmenopausal women and patients who use drugs such as prednisolone, phenytoin, phenobarbitol. As dairy products are often not sufficient for optimal intake of this mineral, calcium sometimes has to be ingested through supplements. Optimal calcium intake plays an extremely important role not only during bone development and growth, bone healing after fractures, but also to prevent the reduction in bone mass that can occur in the elderly.Vitamin D3 stimulates immunity and strengthens bones Vitamin D3 regulates the circulation of calcium from the bones, and without it, calcium cannot be resorbed. Vitamin D3 plays a major role in the body's antimicrobial immune response to infection, enhancing the secretion of anti-inflammatory cytokines which enhances the immune system's defenses.Vitamin K2 to regulate excess calcium Vitamin K2 (MK-7) is a vitamin that is not synthesized by the human body, so its intake with food or supplements is necessary. It helps to activate two specific proteins - osteocalcin, which is essential for calcium binding and its incorporation into the bone matrix, and "matrix GLA protein", whose role is to bind and remove excess calcium from arterial blood vessels and cartilage. Magnesium citrate has a beneficial effect to many functions of our body, and its main function is to act as an adhesive that binds calcium and phosphorus during the construction of the bone matrix. In addition, magnesium is important in the construction of connective tissue and articular cartilage.Way of use: Bone Up MD is consumed once a day, by stirring the bag in a glass of water. Excessive use can lead to side effects and adversely affect health.Royal ginger drink with honey and peach Ginger is one of the most famous plants in the world, and it is said that just half a teaspoon of this plant is enough to wake up the body and encourage many body functions to work better. In front of you is the "Royal drink" which consists of 65% ginger and which, in addition to numerous health benefits, has a pleasant, refreshing taste.Ginger is one of the plants with the healthiest effects, and it has been used for medicinal purposes for over 5,000 years. Ginger is primarily a spice plant originating from China, and now, except in China, it is mostly grown in Australia and India. Together with long plants with healthy effects, such as garlic, this drink creates a barrier in the body that can resist a large number of health problems.Ginger tea Fresh herb is used in the diet, most often as an addition to meat dishes, and it is also suitable for making cakes. The most famous product of this plant is ginger juice, which is drunk in all parts of the world, while the most common form is powder. The powder is obtained by crushing dried ginger, and its main role is to be used for making spices, teas, juices and other preparations that are highly effective on the body.The active ingredient in ginger is gingerol - an oily thick liquid with a spicy taste, has analgesic properties, has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects and has an antibacterial effect.The nutritional value of ginger is amazing. It contains vitamin C, B vitamins, magnesium, iron, calcium, potassium, sodium and phosphorus. So., it is certain that this amazing spice, thanks to its medicinal ingredients, has numerous health benefits.Suitable for children six years and older.The royal drink, ie ginger juice, contributes to: relieving pain in bones and joints destruction of harmful microorganisms in the body relieving headaches reducing bloating anti-inflammatory processes preventing the occurrence of cramps cleansing the body of toxins that are ingested through food, alcohol, etc. improving the digestion process improving circulation and reducing the risk of heart attack strengthening the immune system Way of use: The royal ginger and peach drink is prepared extremely simply from a little water and powder from this bag. If you wish, you can even sweeten it with honey, but without additional sweetening, the drink has a nice taste. This ginger and peach drink is prepared so that it can be ready for consumption immediately, but even if you leave it to stand for 10 minutes, it will be equally delicious. It is prepared by stirring one to two teaspoons of powder in 200 ml of hot or cold water.It is drunk up to 3 times during the day, and it is desirable to start the day with a cup of this drink, because it encourages alertness and gives energy.Pregnant women, nursing mothers and diabetics should consult a doctor before using this drink.The package contains: 150g

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