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BIESSEN PHARMA specializes in marketing and promotion of pharmaceutical products developed in partnership with renowned international manufacturers.
In the last almost 30 years, BIESSEN PHARMA has expanded from Romania to Central and Eastern Europe with a portfolio of innovative products that cover the current needs of patients, on a wide variety of medical specialties. The constant development of BIESSEN PHARMA is due to the people in the team, for whom ethics, honesty, passion, involvement have proven to be paramount values.
Astenor energy ampoule 10ml is a dietary supplement whose use aims to provide the body with additional energy, to strengthen it, but also to increase the body's resistance to daily stress. At the same time, Astenor, which contains arginine aspartate, vitamin B6, Biotin and Mg, aims to cleanse the li..
1,119.00 RSD
Gynophilus control is a natural solution for the prevention of recurrent mycoses and vaginosis. Gynophilus control is made from Lcr Regenerans, a unique composition that is a combination of probiotics naturally present in the vagina (Lactobacillus casei rhamnosus Doderlein) and prebiotics (nutrition..
3,379.00 RSD
Herpactiv oral gel 6ml is an auxiliary drug intended for the treatment of labial herpes.Operation: Herpactiv is an osmotically active hypertonic solution. When applied to an open herpes lesion, a film is formed over the lesion, which leads to the elimination of fluid from the wound. In this way..
759.00 RSD
Mucogyn vaginal gel 40ml is an intimate hormone-free gel based on hyaluronic acid with a liposomal structure to restore the vulvovaginal mucosa in all women. Regardless of their age, hyaluronic acid maintains natural elasticity, lubricates and hydrates the vulvovaginal mucosa and compensates for ins..
1,295.00 RSD
Optiserum eye rinse solution is recommended for removing all impurities from the eye, for adults and children older than 36 months.Storage: Do not use a single-dose ampoule that is already open or damaged. Do not use after the expiry date stated on the package. Sterile disposable packaging en..
859.00 RSD
PARASIDOSE LOSION - 2016 - Preparations for treatment of lice..
1,179.00 RSD
PHYSIODOSE 5 mlProduct description:Physiodose is sterile saline for cleaning the nose and eyes. Action:  Gently cleanses and moisturizes the nasal canals for daily hygiene and in the case of the common cold. Removes excess mucus, dirt and irritating substances from the nasal C..
1,265.00 RSD
Remostabil has a role in maintaining a good mood and reducing anxiety, improving the quality of natural sleep. It is recommended in a state of stress, anxiety, mental fatigue, irritability and nervousness.Fact: Remostabil contains bioactive ingredients that are traditionally used as follows: ..
820.00 RSD
Saforelle intimate cream 40ml has a slightly alkaline Ph, and the active ingredient is burdock, a plant that has been used for years due to its soothing effect on the skin. Saforelle is a top French brand and represents the first recommendation of gynecologists around the world. Saforelle intimate c..
999.00 RSD
Saforelle intimate gel 100ml is specially formulated for sensitive, irritated skin and for optimal tolerance. Soap-free, paraben-free, colorless, phenoxyethanol-free formula.Operation: It gently cleanses and soothes irritation and discomfort. Its slightly alkaline pH and formulation enriched wi..
715.00 RSD
Saforelle intimate gel 250ml contains burdock extract that protects and soothes sensitive and irritated skin, it is intended for everyday intimate hygiene providing a soothing effect. Saforelle intimate gel is specially formulated for sensitive and irritated skin. Its slightly alkaline pH and formul..
999.00 RSD
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