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Quick help with inflammation of the throat, tonsils and mouth!
In the autumn and winter period, the mucous membrane of the upper respiratory tract (nose, throat and mouth) is the most susceptible to inflammation (viral or bacterial) and manifests the redness, suvoćom, pain when swallowing, kašljucanjem, hoarseness. The emergence of these unpleasant symptoms is common colds, THROAT INFLAMMATION, TONSILLITIS,: RIGHT and FALL of IMMUNITY. These unpleasant symptoms leading to dysphagia and thereby consequently comes to lower food intake with ill children.
Colds are typically caused by viruses (over 200 different viruses). It has been proven that antibiotics have no effect on viruses, and it is possible their secondary harmful effects on the liver, kidneys, and so on. Therefore, it is recommended to alternate therapies (Herbal and Api therapy) that can effectively alleviate existing symptoms and is safe for children's age.
Composition and effect:
APIs naked spray for the throat, is 100% natural complex composition because in addition to standardised devoskiranog Propolis extract also contains plant extracts which has increased efficiency in removing unpleasant symptoms and when it is safe to use from the first years of age and for the older kids.
APIs naked spray for the throat band is unique because it contains:
* Devoskirani PROPOLIS extract standardized to 12% galagina (neoclaridan diterpen free) and of purified extracts: THYME + SAGE + ACEROLA-a natural source of vitamin C, because of its unique composition enables simultaneously accompanied by the effects Api – therapy and Herbal therapy for sensitive sluzokožu the throat and mouth.


PHARYNGITIS (sore throat)
TONSILLITIS (inflammation of the tonsils)
STOMATITIS (inflammation of the gums)
APIs Naked spray for the throat quickly and effectively reduces redness of the lining of the throat pain, difficulty swallowing, scratching and Sores are present is accelerating their healing. It also prevents the growth of bacteria and fungi in the oral cavity.


Propolis extract devoskiran and standardized to 12% Galagina
And API and Herbal therapies
A modern complex formulation

No neoclaridan diterpena
Contains no alcohol, artificial colors and zasladjivače
Does not contain Gluten (Gluten free), GMO free

Before you can use this jumble.
For children between the ages of 1-4 years 3 x a day
For children between the ages of 4-12 years 4 x daily
Packaging; 20 ml

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