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Alphalipoin ® forte

-powerful antioxidant
-Protects cells from harmful free radicals
-Without discomfort in my stomach

Alphalipoin forte is a dietary supplement that contains alpha-lipoinsku acid, a substance with powerful antioxidant effects. Alpha-lipoinska acid has the ability to neutralize free radicals and protect cells from their harmful effect. A gastrorezistentna capsule contains 300 mg of Alpha-lipoinske acid.
Capsules Alphalipoin forte are resistant to the effects of stomach acid, so that the alpha-lipoinska acid from them free only in the intestines. In this way, is possible and people who feel discomfort and nausea when taking supplements in ordinary capsules, taking the product before you eat, when you and achieve the best results.

Alpha-lipoinska acid is a fatty acid that is in small quantities naturally in the body and sintetiše located in each cell. The body has multiple role: 
-Participates in the conversion of glucose to energy necessary for the progress of physiological processes
-Neutralises free radicals and thus contributes to the preservation of the structure and function of cells and tissues
-Performed by recycling other anti-oxidants like vitamins C and E, and Glutathione, when their capacity, during the physiological processes, is exhausted
-Regeneration of glutathione which is necessary for the Elimination of harmful substances from the body

Thanks to its chemical structure, Alpha-lipoinska acid is well distributed and in aqueous environment and in adipose tissue and that is due to all of the tissues of the body.
It is considered that the alpha-lipoinska acid can contribute to preventing or slowing many changes in an organism whose occurrence associated with aging, such as changes in the heart, the liver, changes blood sugar metabolism, weakening of mental and defensive functions, power loss of muscle tissue. Alpha-lipoinska acid circulation easy is due and in the brain and the peripheral nerves and penetrates into all parts of nerve cells where he neutralizes the free radicals and thus preserves the nerve tissue of the ubrzang of aging or development of degenerative chronic diseases.

Alphalipoin forte can be used in conditions of increased need for protection from harmful impact of free radicals.
It is strongly recommended to already existing damage to the peripheral nerves caused by a non-diet, inadequate, by taking large quantities of alcohol, oxidative stress due to disorders of glucose metabolism in diabetes mellitus. In these conditions that manifested pain, baking, utrnulošću, weakness, itch, Alphalipoin forte with antioxidant action helps to mitigate problems and delaying the progression of damage.
In addition, Alphalipoin forte can be applied with pre-existing damage of other tissues and organs, for delay or prevent further damage.

Adults and children older than 14 years: 1 capsule a day, half an hour before meals.
With the existence of increased need for Alpha-lipoinskom acid, for use with a doctor's advice.
The capsules can be taken for an extended period of time continuously.

Alpha-lipoinska acid may affect the effectiveness of some drugs, therefore, people who are already taking medicines recommends taking supplements Alphalipoin forte with prior consultation with a doctor or pharmacist.
Alpha-lipoinsku acid should not be taken simultaneously with milk and dairy products, as well as food and products containing calcium, magnesium, zinc or iron because it can lead to reduction in hostilities.
People prone to allergic reactions recommended caution because Alphalipoin forte capsules can cause a rash on the skin.

Store at room temperature, protected from moisture.
Keep out of reach of children.
The product should not be used after the expiry date indicated on the package.

Packing: 30 capsules gastrorezistentnih

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