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As he has always been passionate about offering a concept of quality with simplicity and affordability at its heart, Ulric de Varens introduced a completely revolutionary vision of fragrances 40 years ago: Working with the best fragrance houses’ noses and developing his own fragrances for men and women at affordable prices for all.
How is that possible? By reducing marketing costs because YOU are the face of our brand!
A brand that is sold successfully in France and internationally in over 90 countries.
Freshness of this fragrance comes from the first notes of lavender, which is nadograđju Woody tones of mere good for warm notes of amber the intense scent. Try it and you will realize that the spring arrived in the city.Packaging: 60 ml..
865.00 RSD
Nedoljivi the smell of lily and jasmine, which brings you this fragrance, it should lead you to the warm summer night, and white musk and amber going to your skin especially come to the fore and will wrap up a mild scent of rose tea.Packaging: 30 ml..
960.00 RSD
Playful, stylish and sexy are three epithets that can bind to this perfume. Clean and sensual white musk, delicate covering lilac which is melting in the notes of amber and vanilla, is the smell of extreme femininity.Packaging: 30 ml..
960.00 RSD
Sensual scent, which is playing at the boundaries between light and shadow. His warm notes of vanilla, patchouli and tonka bean meet with exquisite scents of sunny Tuberose.Packaging: 30 ml..
960.00 RSD
A fragrance designed for the charming, gentle but strong man. And first fruit scent of oranges blend with aquatic notes, while those of medium mint notes, break out in front of this powerful masculine perfume. At the very end of drvenasti scents with wild elements, compete to create his seductive si..
1,028.00 RSD
This glamorous and feminine bottle, will make each day feel like going to the ball. Floral bouquet of jasmine, ylang, rose and violet on the surface of the scent sensual touch SW--place pirinčanog powder.Packaging: 30 ml..
960.00 RSD
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