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Paradox is a UK family run company based in Northern Ireland established in 2006 with global operations. Founded by Ireland's leading Osteopath Dr Geoffrey Hayhurst the name Paradox tells the story of our products which were created to replicate the Arctic & Mediterranean diets. Experts in omega 3 supplementation Paradox provides natural solutions to everyday healthcare delivering a wide range of health benefits to many body systems suitable for all the family. With an emphasis on growth and development, well-being and anti-aging Paradox has established a series of products of the highest strength with proven results at competitive prices. The initial idea of Paradox came from Dr Geoffrey Hayhurst’ patients experiences with what he considered to be poor quality fish oil supplements. After some time noting the non-beneficial effects ordinary supplements had on his patients health Dr Hayhurst determined this was due to 3 key factors; patients failing to take a fish oil on a regular basis or for long enough, patients failing to take large enough therapeutic doses of fish oil and patients failing to take a quality or non-rancid fish oil. Dr Hayhurst concluded a unique solution to superior quality and stability in omega 3 supplementation was needed to provide beneficial outcomes for patients and the rest of the population.
A pilot study was initially conducted with patients Dr Hayhurst had been treating for over 20 years. This was followed by a joint project set up with the topmost department of Biomedical Science in the UK at the University of Ulster led by Dr Richard Owusu-Apenten PhD. After extensive laboratory testing, reviews of literature including large scale epidemiological studies and clinical research trials Paradox was formulated. A revolutionary way forward in Omega purity, quality and stability Paradox has created a new generation of Omegas. From humble beginnings of hand blending and bottling our original 3/6/9 Liquid, Paradox is now a renowned brand of Omega 3 supplements with a portfolio of products in both liquid and encapsulated form. Trusted by families for over a decade Paradox continues to go from strength to strength currently distributing worldwide to over 30 countries.
GRAVIDON A TABLETE - 2016 - Elevated blood pressure..
1,593.00 RSD
PARADOX OMEGA 3 CARDIO TG - 2016 - Elevated blood pressure..
1,261.00 RSD
PARADOX OMEGA CAPSULES - 2016 - Elevated blood pressure..
794.00 RSD
PARADOX OMEGA MUMS - 2016 - Elevated blood pressure..
727.00 RSD
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