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Optimed d.o.o. is a Serbian company with many years of experience in ophthalmology.
Optimed is a natural continuation of our business activity that has been going on for 20 years. Those who remember longer will remember our beginnings with Storz, back in 1994 and from 1998 to 2013 as a representative of Bausch & Lomb.
From the very beginning, we strived for our business to be subordinated to medicine, because only in that way can we ensure real, essential progress in the treatment of chronic diseases. From the very beginning, we turned words and promises into deeds by introducing the first ever eye supplement on the Serbian market. Back in 1998, we opened a new chapter in the treatment of eye diseases, which proved to be the right move, bearing in mind that today, 20 years later, supplementation is an integral and inevitable part of ophthalmic therapies.
After the eye vitamin, the process of modernization of Serbian ophthalmology began with the introduction of phaco technique. With over 50 trained doctors, we achieved the best possible result, which significantly contributed to the increase in cataract surgery in Serbia. Countless meetings, permanent education, participation in domestic and international congresses ... were our regular business activity.
Optimed was at a turning point in 2013, and the decision was made to close the previous chapter in order to open a new one. As a result of that decision, the company gained a completely new corporate identity and strategy, which enabled us to remain relevant in the dynamic field of the pharmaceutical industry.
Thanks to our unbreakable connection with science, we were able to introduce completely new, innovative products to the Serbian market. This trend continues and will continue in the future because we, as a pioneer of Serbian ophthalmology, have a duty and responsibility to encourage the development of domestic science and research.
Information technologies have become an integral part of our daily lives and we believe that they also play an important if not crucial role in the world of medicine. Modernism is not a synonym for rejecting traditionalism, but simply adapting it to modern trends.
The modernization of Serbian ophthalmology is constantly taking place, and we are especially pleased that we have been playing an active role in that process from the very beginning. Although much has changed since 1994, we are especially proud that our principles and ideals have remained unchanged.
MACUPROTECT KAPSULE - 20161557 - Allergy eye drops..
1,699.00 RSD
OPTINERVE KAPSULE - 20161559 - Allergy eye drops..
1,069.00 RSD
RETISOL KAPSULE - 20161558 - Vitamins for eyes..
1,299.00 RSD
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