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Nutrika Plus is the legal successor of the company Nutrika.doo, founded in 2010, and is a pioneer in the production of dietary supplements based on smart substances, natural ingredients that allow you to eat healthy without changing your eating habits. Its most important products are based on the chokeberry juice of organic origin and / or on the natural Japanese plant fiber Luralin, which is unrivaled in regulating digestion, blood fat, sugar and in regulating body weight.
Why choose NP products?
1. Nutrika Plus bases its activity strictly on scientific bases, accepting at the same time the proven achievements of alternative medicine.
2. All our products are duly registered and protected as intellectual property.
3. We prove that it is possible to eat healthily, without changing the acquired eating habits.
We are proving that it is possible to make a product that is both useful and delicious! We wanted to break the stereotype that nutritious and useful foods and drinks are usually bland and tasteless, so we chose the wonderful mother chokeberry juice, intense, healthy, dark red in color and with a nice fruity taste, as the basis of our dietary supplements.
So, eat healthy without changing your habits! Eat healthy and enjoy the taste!
Why chokeberry?
Aronia has been declared the "super-fruit of the 21st century" in the world.
Aronia is not a cure, but it is your best ally in an effort to:
1) strengthen your resistance and prevent getting sick or
2) to heal faster and more efficiently if you are already ill.
Mother juice Aronia melanocarpa fruit types of enriched diet fiber LuraLean – dietary product is recommended at: obesity, vitamin insufficiency and cardiovascular disease which is manifested by increased arterial pressure and increased the values of the sugar and fat in the blood. Recent resea..
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