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Nina Ricci was founded by Robert Ricci in 1932 as a gift to his talented designer mother Nina. In 1946, Maison Nina Ricci created its very first perfume, Coeur Joie, followed by the emblematic L’Air du Temps which has embodied the timelessness of the House for 70 years now.
Since 2006, the iconic Nina, an anthem to a tale and a dream is spinning an incredible love story with young women throughout the world. In 2019, Nina Ricci is bringing in all the magic from its emblematic perfume for a creation which is ever more Nina, ever more Ricci: Nina Rouge
In fragrance as in fashion, Nina Ricci explores the many facets of femininity. She sublimates every moment of women’s life with poetry and emotion.
Nina is a new modern fragrance out of a fairy tale, addressed to a young auditoriji. Nina is an elegant floral-fruity Gourmand scent, the sweet smell of ušećenog fruits. The composition starts sparkling and spontaneously, as a carefree cheerful laughter, crisp notes of citruses: lemons and li..
6,555.00 RSD
Premier jour is the first day of a new era for Nina Ricci, announces the restoration of the original codes of this brand. Perfume Premier jour salijeva is in the shape of women with no particular highlights himself, his sensual scent soon addressed the body, but his mind. Optimistic Tangerine and s..
6,499.00 RSD
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