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"Nevena" AD, Leskovac is a leading Serbian cosmetic company with a 60-year tradition in the production and sale of hygiene and cosmetic products. Nevena's production list includes:
- children's cosmetics
- oral hygiene products
- hair products
- cosmetics for face and body
- foot and nail care products
- Soaps
- household chemicals
The company is constantly expanding its market share and occupies key positions in the domestic market as well as in the international market, especially in the countries of the former Yugoslavia. The trademarks "Kosallia" and "Nega" and others are well known and sought after as an optimal combination of good quality and attractive prices in their class and successfully compete with proven world brands.
"Nevena" is a unique Serbian cosmetic company, which provides its business partners and customers with an extremely wide product range, which covers all cosmetic market segments. "Nevena" has a certificate of quality introduction - ISO 9001.
In recent years, "Nevena" has been paying attention to continuous improvements, closely following the requests of its well-informed clients, as well as all changes related to legislation, both in Serbia and the European Union.
The company invests in new machines, staff training, improvement of the microclimate in the work environment. The ultimate goal of the management is the production of modern innovative cosmetic products of constant quality and harmless to human health.

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