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ModificovaniCitrusPectinPectaSol-CDr. IsaacEliazM. D., L.Ac
Product description:

Modified lemon pectin (MCP) is obtained from the bark and pulp lime. MCP is obtained in two ways, or processing lemon pectin in the lab and heat by changing the pH values, or the more recommended enzymatic degradation (which allows better control of molecular weight and structure) to get the pectin less molecular weight.
MCP upotrebljivan in clinical trials so far was only the latter. MCP is used as a dietary supplement because it can quickly absorb into the bloodstream from lemon pectin. Unaltered lemon pectin was used for decades for a variety of purposes, as agent in food conservation, against diarrheal diseases, and in the production of food and cosmetics. MCP has many similar clinical benefits as well as regular lemon pectin, as well as additional benefits that result from its better absorption into the bloodstream.

MCP is best known for its effect in suppressing Cancer Metastasis, reducing tumor growth and stimulation of immunity. Recently the MCP showed future and as a cleaner living and other heavy metals. Although more research is needed to demonstrate clinical benefit in using MCP for this application, the results are encouraging.

MCP and cancer.

Clinical trials have shown that the MCP can reduce tumor growth, angiogenesis and metastasis prevented block cancer. Tested in several types of cancer, including melanoma, colon cancer, prostate and breast.
MCP operates through the recognition process of mediation of carbohydrates by disrupting the interaction between cell-cell and cell-cell matrix cells. MCP is especially rich in remains of intolerance that has a natural affinity for cancer. cells which have Galactose 3 receptors. How to MCP binds to cancer. cell, binds these receptors so that interferes with mnogućnost cancer. the cells to grow and metastasize.
1. In the first clinical trials with MCP (PectaSol ®) for prostate cancer, patients who are cancer has returned or treatment has not been successful getting the 15 grams of MCP daily (in 3 divided doses).
2. Double time DOG (specific antigenprostate) is measured. DOG double time (PSADT) is a test that is routinely applied to assessed the growth of prostate cancer. With four of seven patients, PSADT increased more than 30 percent, indikujući reduced speed DOG increase (represented as a slowdown of progress tumor growth.) MCP seems to be most effective in patients with low PSA levels. The most significant is that three years after testing all patients were still alive to continue therapy. In the following phase II clinical trials, MCP in doses of 15 grams per day was tested on 10 patients with prostate cancer with a repeat.

All treatments which were subjected to were unsuccessful it was radical prostatektomiji, radiation or hiruškom surgery. MCP (PectaSol) is given and supervised the changes in PSADT. MCP increased PSADT at 8 out of 10 patients. About half of the patients, an increase from 129 to 941 percent after 12 months of therapy. It was concluded that the MCP can extend PSADT in men with prostate cancer with a repeat.

How MCP inhibits cancer and metastasis

Galektini are present in a variety of vtsta cancerous cells, including cancer of the prostate, breast, colon, lymphoma, melanoma, glioblastoma, and throat cancers. When cancer cells from metastasizing galectin number on their surface is increased from early to advanced stages of growth. Galektini have an affinity to bind to the carbs, and they are involved in mediation at the growth and metastasis of cancer.

The greater the number of galectin on cancer. cells that grow are expressing their increased ability to run on other places and to bind. MCP has an affinity to bind to these cells, thus blocking them to move into new places and from metastasizing. In addition to its effect on metastasis, MCP also has a significant effect of anti-angiogenesis. Angiogenesis is the process of formiranaj of new blood vessels. Tumors are constantly forming new blood vessels so they can get the food they need to grow. MCP thus has an effect on the primary tumor, and he's known for reducing the size of the primary tumor. According to MCP can help in disrupting the growth of primary tumors and metastases in the prevention process, can be used at any stage of growth of cancer and his progress.

One in-vitro study found that MCP has a cytotoxic effect on cancer. cells, and the effect on adhesion and cancer metastasis. cells. The study that included and PC-3 cells placed in human endotelijalne cells with or without 0.1 percent or 1 percent MCP showed cytotoxicity MCP about 80.7 percent in concentration of 1.0 percent, and 0.1 percent at 76.9 percent concentration. This was a match with 3.8 per cent in the kontrolnij group. These results indicate that the MCP has a cytotoxic effect on PC-3 cells grown in human endotelijalnim cells.

New application of MCP: detoxification of heavy metals

Standard Western medicine to remove mercury from the body to eliminate mercury poisoning is helatiranje ... which is done with DMSA or EDTA. And although this is routine and most useful procedure if you are faced with severe acute poisoning, MCP also shows benefits in reducing the body burden of these heavy metals.

In recent clinical trials, basic levels of mercury poisoning of the body are taken as a comparison with levels after treatment with MCP for 10 months. Total body burden mercury is defined using DMPS (2.3 Dimercapto-1-propanesulfonic acid) of 250 mg. IV followed by taking urine tests after 6 hours. The results showed a significant decrease in average of more than 60 per cent (p = 0.03) full amounts of mercury in the body after treatment with MCP (fig. 1)
In earlier trials, MCP (PectaSol ®) is given to patients, and it has been proven that increases the excretion of heavy metals through the urine, such as lead, mercury, cadmium and arsenic. The results of the research have found that MCP allows secure Chelation equipment without any side effect. And is recommended as a obećavajućaaltrenativa i.v., helacijskim therapy to treat currently offered as a primary therapy against heavy metal poisoning.

Problems with live

Heavy metals represents a dangerous assault on the body through damaged DNA, hormosku modulation, suppression of immunity, oxidative stress and severe inflammation. Are especially present in prostate cancers of the breast, lymph ... Therefore, MCP contains this additional benefit in the treatment of these cancers.
The last news about living are particularly worrisome for the United States population. Martha 2004god. Society for the protection of the environment has issued the report to newspapers stating that nearly all fish contain mercury in small amounts and some contain large quantities sufficient to damage the nervous system of the baby or small children. Because of this condition they have issued a warning to women who wanted to get pregnant ... pregnant women and nursing mothers should not eat fish more than twice a week.

In the latest report of August 24.2004, EPA has issued a warning that one-third of lakes and one quarter of the river contaminated with toxic levels of mercury and other polluters and warns pregnant women and children not to eat fish from these sources. In addition, the National Academy of Sciences warned that children who are exposed to live while they were still in the womb in the high-risk group to become children who require special additional classes. Risk of poisoning fish alive has reached the level of the epidemic. This concern is addressed by the two surveys. One study by the Center for Infectious Diseases revealed da10 percent of women who are able to get their children have levels of mercury higher than what is recommended by the EPA (5.8 mikrog/L).
Another survey by JAMA (Messenger of the American Medical Association) about the level of living in the United States in children, and women who are capable to give birth, revealed that 8 percent of women have potentially dangerous levels of mercury. Further, women who ate more fish had higher levels of mercury. Another important source of mercury poisoning is through fillings.

How MCP seems like slight Chelation agent

Pectins are natural gelirani agents, connectors, food stabilizers. They are mainly composed of galakturonične acid methyl derivatives with an average molecular weight of 50.000 up to 150.000. High-methoxy pectin (HM) is at least 50% DE (degree of esterification reaction) or more, while low-methoxy pectin (LM) has 50% or lower DE (degree of esterification reaction). As a dietary supplement used LM pectin. These long molecules have a special ability not only to bind water for food but also other chemicals also. 1980. After the Chernobyl disaster area pectins are given to children who have had elevated levels of radioactive radiation. The degree of radioactive radiation has dropped by 60 percent, 50. This led them to the idea of using MCP, which is absorbed systemically, as constant Chelation agent. Patent-pending form of MCP mentioned in studies that are exposed above confirms this theory. My observations, using MCP as a agensadetoksikcije in my clinic that serves as a mild Chelation agent into the bloodstream, and it is certainly useful for further use. The likely mechanism of action is to MCP ekstraktuje heavy metals out of the body through incremental change between tissues and the blood. In long-term research to use MCP for detoxification of mercury is not any restrictions for entering fish into your system by the patients and the level of living is still through the roof. This was my experience and in practice.

MCP shows good results in other areas of health, nevzano for cancer and heavy metal poisoning. Lemon pectin reduces the level of cholesterol and boosts the immune system. MCP has a similar but larger effects due to its increased ability of absorption into the bloodstream.

Proposal for taking MCP

What began as a general use in food supplements. lemon pectin. now it's become a supplement with kliniči proven beneficial effects in various areas, including cancer and detoxification of heavy metals.
The contents of an extended list of clinical indicators for MCP include:
-Reduces the size and growth of the primary tumor
-stops or slows bone metastasis in
-stops or

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