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MELOPHARM D.O.O is a young company that manufactures and markets wound care products Meloderm.

MELOPHARM D.O.O produces natural preparations based on organic honey

IMUNO 1x1Product Description:IMUNO1X1 is an ideal and well-defined combination of bee products to stimulate and maintain your immunity. Contains vitamins, minerals, amino acids. In addition, it enhances the general condition of the organism. Gives strength, vitality and energy. Ideal for the prevent..
75.00 RSD
MELODERM ANTISEPTICAL SKIN BALMProduct Description:What is Meloderm?Meloderm is a topical preparation used to repair and treat skin changes. It accelerates skin epithelialization and healing of wounds, removes necrotic masses, softens edge tissue, prevents wound reinfection, cleanses wound. It acts ..
877.00 RSD
IMMUNO ZINC SELENIUMImmune Zinc Selenium Capsules is a dietary supplement with zinc and selenium. Zinc and selenium contribute to the normal function of the immune system and protect cells from oxidative stress. Zinc contributes to normal fertility and reproduction, cell division, normal DNA synthe..
180.00 RSD
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