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Med-Eq specialized in developing and manufacturing pioneered medical food supplements We follow the existing guidelines and quality requirements in our production, which is carried out in accordance with the rules and regulations applicable to Norway and the EU.
All of the ingredients we use in our products have been carefully tested for content of pollution and active ingredients. The finished products are put through rigorous quality tests. All products have been documented through published studies and their scientific platforms are to be seen as a guarantee that they will provide the desired result. We work closely with different research environments, suppliers of raw material and producers both domestic and abroad. This results in well documented and natural products of high quality with consideration for what the body needs and which provide the long term effects that you as consumer expect. Our products are marketed in Norway as well as internationally and if you choose to buy a product from Med-Eq you can be sure that the product you buy is of the very best quality.
Brand: MED EQ
HEMATOFEROL SR TABLETE - 20161554 - Iron preparations..
999.00 RSD
Brand: MED EQ
NATABIOL TABLETE - 20161555 - Iron preparations..
1,139.00 RSD
Brand: MED EQ
OSTEOSYL D3 TABLETE - 20161556 - Rheumatism and convulsions..
0.00 RSD
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