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JGL was founded in 1991 as the first completely private pharmaceutical joint stock company in Croatia.
Since the early days, it was believed that over time it would develop into an international pharmaceutical company that would operate outside Croatian borders. With entrepreneurship, ambition and great passion and energy, it was a start of a story that has lasted more than a quarter of a century. It was crucial to gather and motivate people, to create a team ready for great challenges.
The story of JGL’s success gained momentum when JGL left the “Jadran” pharmacy, just after the collapse of Yugoslavia, and with the start of generic drugs production in the category of essential drugs. These were drugs of small production series that were not interesting to the large pharmaceutical industry because they were not profitable.
By leaving the local frameworks and expanding the business in the territory of Croatia, and then the region – to Slovenia in 1992, Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1997 and to Macedonia and Serbia in 2001 – an additional step was taken that created the preconditions for further growth and development. Nevertheless, the launch of operations in the markets of Russia (1998), followed by Ukraine (2004) and Kazakhstan (2006), from the current perspective, has proved to be a key strategic decision for the company.
 Description:  Alfabiotik is an innovative dietary supplement intended for adults. They contain a unique combination of AHCC®FD (acetylated alpha 1,4 glucan) complex and BB12® ​​bacterial culture.  Alpha glucan is a natural substance that interacts with the immune system, and strength..
5,380.00 RSD
FEMINAL CAPSULESProduct description:The main ingredients Feminal capsules are the isoflavones. They belong to the Group of plant substances that have similar sexual hormones. That's why I can mimic of isoflavones positive hormones, while harmful averted. In addition to the reduction in a..
1,450.00 RSD
LACTOGYN CAPSULES Product description:Lactogyn returns the balance of vaginal flora and therefore naturally helps in maintaining urogenital health.Action: Symptoms such as tingling, svrb in intimate area and vaginal secretions are problems that are known to a large number of women. Can be..
899.00 RSD
Purpose: Lactogyn intimate soap is intended for daily care and hygiene of the intimate areaMethod of application: Apply a small amount of soap to the intimate area, smear and rinse well with water.Composition:Chamomile and calendula extract, lactic acid Extracts of chamomile and marigold l..
950.00 RSD
URIROSE 10 BAGSActive ingredients:D-mannose (2g) extracted from birch bark (Betula pendula), dry extract of hibiscus flower (Hibiscus sabdariffa), lyophilized juice of cranberry fruit (Vaccinum macrocarpon), grape aroma, citric acid, anticoagulant - silicon dioxide, zasiol .Product purpose:Urirose i..
1,345.00 RSD
URIROSE KIDS 10 BAGSActive ingredients:D-mannose (1g) extracted from birch bark (Betula pendula), lyophilized cranberry juice (Vaccinum macrocarpon), sorbitol, grape and pomegranate aroma, citric acid, anticoagulant - silicon dioxide, sweetener - steviol glycosideProduct purpose:Urirose kids is a fo..
1,020.00 RSD
Ideal for mild dry eye disorders. It contains high quality sodium hyaluronate in a concentration of 0.21%. Basic advantages of Vizol S 0.21 drops: • Instantly alleviates mild dry eye disorders • It is effectively distributed on the surface of the eye • Suitable for allergy symptoms • Ideal for..
727.00 RSD
 Severe dry eye disorders require an immediate and long-term solution. Vizol S 0.4 contains a high concentration of sodium hyaluronate in the form of tears. It is easier and better to apply than gel, and provides a long-lasting feeling of comfort. Basic advantages of Vizol with 0.4 drops: • I..
960.00 RSD
Vizol S ALLERGY drops to prevent and alleviate eye allergy symptoms. Ectoin®. Basic advantages of Vizol S Allergy drops: • Protects against the harmful effects of allergens and helps in the process of repairing irritated and sensitive mucous membranes of the eye. • It is suitable for people who ..
1,199.00 RSD
Prolonged dryness of the eye can cause damage to the surface of the eye and an even longer-lasting feeling of discomfort. Vizol S INTENSIVE vitamin eye drops have a double effect: they stimulate the regeneration of the eye surface and make it smooth and moisturize the eye again.  Basic advantag..
999.00 RSD
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