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As one of the leading suppliers and manufacturers of high-quality self-medication products, HERMES ARZNEIMITTEL has united tradition with expertise and cutting-edge technology for more than 100 years. Our most important mission is your health.
Wether doc®, Biolectra®, ANTI BRUMM®, Aspecton® or Betaisodona® – the division OTC ("over the counter") represents leading brands in self-medication. Our promise: Our customers' needs are always our first priority. That is why we feel everyday committed to meet our highest standards of quality, innovation and reliability. 
Under the name HERMES PHARMA, we develop and manufacture user-friendly oral dosage forms for healthcare companies around the globe. Our services cover the entire pharmaceutical value chain - from new product development through to manufacturing and regulatory support.
HERMES OTC International – this means we have enjoyed a successful market presence with a broad portfolio of high-grade pharmaceutical products and food supplements in many countries for more than 50 years.

BIOLECTRA IMMUN BAGS OPSI products:Biolectra immun is a dietary product with zinc, histidinom and Dolores. The amino acid Histidine provides complete the absorption of zinc and selenium, and granules for direct application give you quick effect.Action:Boosting immunity and infection pre..
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