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Family business founded in the 90s, leader in the manufacture of fragrances, beauty products and air care, oriented to satisfy personal care and the creation of unique environments in the home.
The ethical principles on which our company's culture is based and allow us to create our behaviour patterns are:
• Honest, responsible and transparent human team.
• A solid, united family.
• Customer orientation and proximity.
• Continuous improvement.
• Proactive attitude.
• Passion and effort, our motif.
The brand of fragrances, beauty and well-being that offers to live unique experiences thanks to:
• Intense aromas
• Original packaging
• The power of surprising the consumer
Our ambition is to build a leadership by democratizing the perfumery and beauty industry with products of the highest quality for daily care, use and well-being.
The Flor de Mayo experience is unique, differential, emotional and disruptive. Makes you to leave the monotony and invites you to play, explore and enjoy the moment. It create the “wow! effect”. And connect in a unique way with its target a free, empowered, demanding and vital person.
MERIMA SOAPProduct description:Merima SOAP is a unique product, when baby's skin care.Action:This hard SOAP is intended for bathing children, whose skin is very sensitive and gentle and wash your hair, as well as for adults with troubled and dry skin.Composition:natural G..
69.00 RSD
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