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Production of silver-based products:
Nano Silver Water® benefits the human body in the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases, strengthening and rejuvenating the human body more than any known preparation. Silver acts as a catalyst by blocking certain enzymes that bacteria, viruses and fungi use in their metabolism. These pathogens, in contact with silver, are left without oxygen and food and decompose.
Silver Cream® is a broad-spectrum antibiotic cream. It consists of microscopic molecules of purity 99,999 which are dissolved in redistilled water, with the addition of Calendula oil. This mixture is called "miracle of cream" because it is fantastic for a very wide application, and especially for psoriasis and eczema of the skin. Helps with inflammation, ulcers, injuries, lacerations, irritated and inflamed skin, blisters, smallpox, herpes, hemorrhoids, spider and insect bites, sunburn, etc. It is harmless to both humans and animals. No contraindications! It does not contain preservatives, odor or color.
Silver cream is an antibiotic cream broad spectrum of action. It consists of silver ions Ag + purity of 99.999 who pudding in redestilisanoj water. This mixture is referred to as the "miracle cream" because it is fantastic for a very wide range of application, especially for psoriasis and ..
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