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Serbia is a country that is widely known for its untouched nature and the most diverse plants, especially in mountainous areas. These potentials are almost untapped, and the need of the present for a healthier lifestyle has never been more pronounced. Our aspiration has been the same since its inception - to provide consumers with products that nature itself prescribes. As a result, in 2016, with the placement of production facilities, with an area of ​​over 3000 square meters, at the foot of Mount Radan and at the future crossroads of many countries in the region, a two-year reconstruction and creation of conditions for production began. We brought together a team of experienced technology, pharmaceutical and economic experts who understood our vision as their own. With this, we have taken the first step towards achieving the same: we are creating Deverra Farm D.O.O.
Initial production begins with the thinning of extracts and essential oils. The market quickly recognizes our gifts of nature. A chain of value and satisfaction is created among all members already in the first year of business. The development in the scope of our work is noticeable, local development is encouraged by purchasing medicinal herbs, we employ young, highly educated staff without work experience who are under the mentorship of our experts. There are more diverse needs on the part of consumers that we meet in the next business year. We have developed new items and equipped additional plants for the production of: extracts, herbal drops, essential oils, syrups and special purpose cosmetics. The market soon recognizes the quality, it starts listing our products in large retail chains and the company starts to orient itself internationally. We have continuously strengthened this integrated system by developing the right value system based on ethical principles and effective quality management.
DEVERRA FLENOGEL - 2016 - Rheumatism and convulsions..
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