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The story of DCP-HEMIGAL begins in 1995 and is somewhat reminiscent of a modern business fairy tale: founder and owner Živorad Denić, with two other employees, started working in a small rented space in Leskovac. Over the years, the company has continuously developed, adhering to the basic principles of success: monitoring the trends of the world and Serbian cosmetic markets, the absence of compromises in terms of product quality, strict internal control of production, efficient transport of products to customers.
Until June 2006, DCP HEMIGAL performed its activities at several leased locations in Leskovac. Since then, the complete production, development and quality control laboratories and warehouses have been merged into a new facility that has been designed to meet the requirements of good manufacturing practice in the production of cosmetics.
Working gradually and patiently, we managed to develop a very wide range of products that are arranged in collections: Pavlogal, Fitogal, Ina Bella, Eliot, Abbronzare. We are widely represented on the Serbian market, but also on the markets of neighboring countries.
It is certain that today, in 2012, we have many reasons to be proud. However, we are most proud of the satisfaction and trust of the users of our products.
Quality policy, environment and good manufacturing practices in the field of cosmetics:
DCP Hemigal doo develops and produces cosmetic products that are classified in the collections "Pavlogal", "Fitogal", "L'OCO", "Eliot", "Abbronzare" and "Fitodepil. All products are developed in our own laboratory and are the result of sophisticated technology development and production, based on top quality raw materials procured from the world's most famous manufacturers, such as BASF, Evonik, Sabo, Schulke & Mayer, Zimmer Schwartz, etc.
By applying knowledge and modern technologies based on internationally recognized quality standards according to ISO 9001: 2015, environment according to ISO 14001: 2015 and good manufacturing practices in the cosmetics industry according to ISO 22716: 2007 DCP Hemigal strives to be a leader in the production of cosmetic products in the Balkans , recognized for product quality, reliability and openness to cooperation.
Through continuous changes, which are realized within a market that sets increasingly stringent requirements, resources that are limited, competitiveness that is difficult to gain and easily loses DCP Hemigal d.o.o. strategic commitment is based on:
Customer focus in order to meet customer requirements and strive to exceed their expectations.
The leadership role of management and creating an environment that encourages associates to achieve the set goals and vision.
Hiring competent people who have a built awareness of their contribution to quality management systems (QMS), environment (EMS) and good manufacturing practice in the cosmetics industry (GMP), which by applying knowledge, attitudes to work contribute to achieving the planned and expected results of the company.
Process approach, process management and the system as a whole, which is realized by applying the PDCA cycle with a general focus on "risk-based thinking" in order to take advantage of opportunities and prevent undesirable results so that the intended results are achieved.
Acquisition of new knowledge and skills as well as free exchange of experiences within teams and job satisfaction, as well as the results of DCP Hemigal d.o.o.
Improving through consistent fulfillment of requirements and addressing future needs and expectations which is a challenge for an organization operating in an increasingly dynamic and complex environment.
Making decisions based on facts by comparing the performance of reference management systems with set goals.
Management of mutual relations and development of mutually beneficial relations with all stakeholders in order to create partnerships and long-term cooperation.
Commitment to pollution prevention and environmental protection through a commitment to fulfilling its compliance obligations related to identified environmental aspects and continuous improvement of EMS performance and EMS management system to improve performance and develop awareness of the consequences of non-compliance.
Determining compliance with at least the relevant legal and other requirements that the company has complied with.
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