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The company "Celtis Pharm" was founded with the aim of offering the market products from all product segments that treat or can support treatment, and are the best choice for the subject area, or the disease or condition.
All products must meet the highest standards and be supported by appropriate scientific evidence, such as clinical studies and other types of scientific studies.
"Celtis Pharm" was founded in 2013 as a result of activities and experience gained by the company's founding team in large pharmaceutical corporations, both in Serbia and abroad.
The activities for which Celtis Pharm specializes are: regulatory affairs, market research and marketing, production, import, export, distribution, professional marketing, promotion and advertising.
Areas in which we offer the best and most modern solutions, completely based on the latest scientific experience and clinical practice are: modern treatment of chronic wounds, modern approach to prevention and treatment of scars and keloids, modern treatment of burns, treatment of certain types of congenital heart malformations, psoriasis, seborrhea , eczema, atopic, as well as other types of dermatitis, modern treatment of hemorrhoids, irritation and itching of the skin regardless of etiology, treatment of calculosis…
All the products we distribute must meet the highest standards in production, as well as have clinical evidence of efficiency, both of the individual components and the product itself.
With this approach, "Celtis Pharm" wants to build a relationship of trust with all its customers of products and services, and as a company that always offers quality and reliable solutions.
"Celtis Pharm" has its direct presence in the markets of Serbia and Montenegro, while activities in the territories of the Republics of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Northern Macedonia are performed through partner companies.
Products produced by "Celtis Pharm" are exported to several markets, both in the Western Balkans and in other markets.
UROMAGIKA product for the prevention of kidney stones and the treatment of symptoms caused by kidney stones. Uromagic, a powder for oral solution is important because:- the appearance of kidney stones is one of the most common problems of the urinary system, it is estimated in about 15% of the popu..
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