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Exclusive cell-1 cosmetics products have been developed in accordance with the latest dermocosmetic discoveries, and their secret is that the original snail extract serves as the main active ingredient of all cell-1 formulations.
The Cell-1 brand and logo are protected internationally, and the formula is a well-kept secret.
With exclusive production in Switzerland, cell-1 meets all modern standards of cosmetics and hygiene.
Brand: CELL-1
CELL-1 BODY LOTION 200 mlProduct description:Get a pleasant feeling of the skin with scented body lotion Cell 1. Regenerating and revitalizing body lotion with snail's extract optimal refreshes and nourishes your skin. Cell 1 body lotion gives the skin a great amount of moisture whi..
2,978.00 RSD
Brand: CELL-1
Cell-1 Skin Care Made in Switzerland Introducing a revolutionary gel Cell ~ 1 Skin Care for specific skin care. Cell-1 Skin Care is based on a unique formula that is obtained from extracts of puževog gel that completely regenerates the skin. Cell-1 Skin Care is the right care for impure and sens..
4,000.00 RSD
Brand: CELL-1
CELL-1 HAND CREAM 50 mlProduct description: Slugs with optimum feed and restores damaged skin. Regenerates skin cells and gives the hands smooth, wonderful feeling. Eliminate the stains of aging and pigmentation. Hand lotion will help you achieve smooth, beautiful and podmlađene hands. Skin cel..
995.00 RSD
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