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People all over the world turn to us because Braun products make life better. They trust in our brand when it counts the most: Whether they want a cool beard for a group photo or a first date, smooth legs on a special day or a close shave for that important job interview.
Men and women all over the world know that Braun products are reliable. They love and trust the brand – even if they’re unaware of the engineering, innovation, and dedication built into each of our electronic devices. Our expert knowledge in a variety of disciplines is the key to the high level of quality people expect when they buy a Braun product.
A Brief History of Braun
Braun began  in Frankfurt, Germany in 1921, when the mechanic and engineer Max Braun (1890–1951) founded the company as a workshop for the construction of appliances. From the very beginning, the company was characterized by its progressive ideas, innovative product solutions and its use of the latest technical developments, which Max Braun was able to transform into marketable products.
Max Braun quickly realized the potential of new market segments, entering the kitchen and household appliances segment in 1950 with the Multimix kitchen blender. At the same time, he began series production of the S50, the first dry foil shaver. This laid the foundations for two product divisions that have remained core segments for Braun to this day. Max Braun died in 1951 and his sons Artur (1925–2013) and Erwin (1921–1992) took over the management of the company. 
The Braun brothers soon set about reorganizing the company and expanding its product lines. For example, the product range was extended to include additional kitchen appliances, as well as electronic flashguns for amateur photographers. In 1955, Dieter Rams arrived at Braun, quickly making a name for himself within the company. The company won a rapid succession of national and international prizes and awards for its products.
Braun became world-famous as a design brand, the first company to bring ‘good design’ to the mass market. In 1967, Braun moved its headquarters to Kronberg, Germany and the Boston-based Gillette Company bought a majority stake in Braun. The Braun brothers left behind a healthy international company. In 2005, the Braun brand joined the consumer goods company Procter & Gamble as part of their acquisition of Gillette. The fusion united two companies whose “strengths, cultures and visions” complemented each other, as Gillette boss James M. Kilts put it.
Brand: BRAUN
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