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BlanX is the only range of products based on Arctic Lichens that returns day after day, the natural whiteness of your teeth. A beautiful smile and a healthy white teeth is everyone’s desire. Unfortunately, the color of our teeth changes easily, as well as for intrinsic factors (diseases and drugs), for the inevitable aging process, and above all, for the occurrence of localized or diffuse stains as a result of external factors such as coffee, tea, red wine and nicotine, that enter in contact with our teeth every day. From BlanX research, the new non-abrasive toothpaste was born, with a whitening and antibacterial action that returns to your smile its natural shine and a persistent white. The unique synergy between Arctic Lichens, non-abrasive Silicas and Enzymes protects and remineralises the mineral enamel content, preventing the plaque adhesion and dental yellowing and preserving its equilibrium; it also counteracts bacterial proliferation that can cause tartar, plaque and tooth decay.
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