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The pharmaceutical plant "Biovit" (Limited Liability Company) works in two directions - the production of medicines and biologically active food additives.
The share of drugs in the assortment of Biovit products is constantly increasing due to the release of generic drugs with pronounced clinical efficacy.
For 13 years of production activity, LLC "Biovit" not only expanded the range of products, but also mastered other sales markets - Russia, Ukraine, Germany, the Czech Republic are importers of our products.
Over the past 4 years, Biovit LLC has built a completely new plant for the production of pharmaceuticals, which fully complies with national licensing requirements and conditions, as well as international GMP quality standards.
When planning production, Biovit LLC also takes into account modern requirements for long-known formulations, as well as socially significant areas in health care: for example, taking into account WHO recommendations, a low-molecular-weight ORS is currently being produced instead of the old formulation of this drug; mastered the production of a socially significant product "Gulazyk", mastered the technology of production of quick-dissolving tablets of zinc sulfate for diarrhea of ​​children, etc.
The new plant, in addition to workshops with expensive production equipment and an HVAC system (heating, ventilation, air conditioning and air purification systems), also houses a modern laboratory for quality control of medicines, accredited in accordance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 17025.
The assortment of manufactured drugs by Biovit LLC is expanding, at the same time we are trying to offer the domestic drug market lower prices than imported analogues with proper quality assurance of drugs.
Mumie-Cream is a natural product based Mumie, which can be used for regeneration and improved appearance of the face, neck and neckline.Composition: Mumie-Cream contains 10% in the corresponding underlying MumieApplication: Mumie-Cream is regenerative cream, which is rich in vitamins A, B and E ..
1,120.00 RSD
Mumie-tablets are a natural product based on Mumie, which is recommended for the protection of the health and improvement of immunity.Composition:Each tablet contains 200 mg up Mumie These are the same as the original pitchApplication: Mumie-Tablets are recommended for health care and improve ..
820.00 RSD
Nema u proizvodnji
Mumie-balm is the natural product based Mumie, used for the care, protection and regeneration of the skin.Composition: Mumie-Balm contains 10% Mumie, aloe vera and essential oil of Siberian fir trees in the backgroundApplication:Mumie-balm, their effect is based on the active properties Mumie ..
955.00 RSD
Nema u proizvodnji
Mumie-Resin is the original product Mumie, which is recommended for the protection of the health and improvement of immunity.Composition:One tablespoon solution contains 200 mg Mumie This is the best source MumieApplication: Mumie-Resin is recommended for protection of the health and improveme..
1,290.00 RSD
Trenutno nema u nabavci
Mumie-Balm is the natural product based Mumie, who has a nutritious and protective effect on the skin.Composition: Mumie-Salve contains 10% fat in the corresponding underlying MumieApplication: Mumie-Salve has the force and effect of nutrient on the skin. Has a beneficial effect on soft tissues,..
830.00 RSD
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