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Bionika Pharmaceuticals is a pharmaceutical company for production of solid, semisolid and liquid dosage forms. The size and scope of the company has been designed to serve the regional market, respecting the highest standards stipulated by the global pharmaceutical industry. Manufacturing processes, quality control labоratory, microbiology labоratory and R&D laboraotry meet the latest requirements of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Good Quality Control Laboratory Practices, production and quality standards of solid, semi-solid and liquid dosage forms. The warehouse fully meets the requirements of Good Storage Practice. The installed SCADA system in the warehouses registers and automatically regulates air temperature and humidity, thus providing quality storage conditions for stored products.
Core values of Bionika Pharmaceuticals are following:
• Running policy of high quality
• Constant tracking and adoption of innovations in the pharmaceutical industry;
• Building close business relations with consumers and clients;
• Flexibility and adaptability of our offer according to customers needs;
• Equal treatment of the markets;
• Environmental care and social responsibility
A dietary supplement. Extract rastavića, 30 soft capsules želatinskih. Each capsule contains 150 mg of rastavića. Willow herb used for centuries as oral diuretic to reduce swelling.Diurex is recommended by:excess fluid in the body creation of Islands arising due to the weakness of heart an..
789.00 RSD
A dietary supplement.Spirulina and enriched Brewer's yeast, Dolores, 30 soft capsules želatinskih. Each capsule contains 100 mg Spirulina is grown in powder and 10 mg Brewer's yeast is rich with 10 μg of selenium. Imunix is an excellent choice for strengthening immunity, which improves ..
778.00 RSD
A dietary supplement. Valerian root extract, 30 soft capsules želatinskih. Each capsule contains 200 mg of standardised extract of Valerian root 0.8% valerijanskom acid. In modern in phytotherapy, Valerian is the leading plant in the treatment of nervous tension and mental fatigue.Sentis is recomm..
809.00 RSD
A dietary supplement. Spirulina and potassium iodide, želatinskih 30 soft capsules. Each capsule contains 100 mg Spirulina is grown in powder and 196.2 µ g of potassium iodide (equivalent to 150 µ g of pure iodine). Enter a sufficient amount of iodine is essential for the normal function..
789.00 RSD
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