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Easy, fast and reliable determination of fertile period
7 test tiles
TEST for OVULATION to self test

Test for ovulation Kit is intended for the qualitative determination of luteinizing hormone in urine. The result can be read visually in minutes and thus determine the positive or negative result of ovulation.

Table of contents:
7 test tiles and 7 tubes for sample (one plate and tubes in the aluminum pouch),
1 instruction manual
To perform the necessary tests are a prop-adequate containers for urine that are not an integral part of the package.

A urine sample is moving forward on a test card due to capillary forces. If the hLH present comes to immunological reactions between hLH and marked anti-hLH antibodies, making the test line gets red. Depending on the concentration of hLH, line test will be brighter or darker. Other marked antibodies make the control line. This reaction is used as proof of proper use and functioning of the test, and applied a method called imunohro-matografija.

When you begin testing.
First you must determine the length of your menstru-alnog cycles.
It is the number of days from the first day of menstrual bleeding site until the day before the next bleeding. Please refer to the table to determine when to start testing. If your cycle is shorter than 21 days or longer than 38 days, consult a doctor. If you don't know the length of the cycle, you can begin to test 11 days after the first menstrual period, whereas the average cycle length 28 days. Perform 1 test every day, over a period of 7 days, or until it detects the presence of a rise in hLH.

Taking a sample
Determine the time when you take a urine sample. For best results take urine in approximately the same time each day, for example, between morning and evening 10:00 8:00. Experience has shown that the pattern is best if taken after 12:00. Don't take the first morning urine after waking up.
-Reduce the intake of fluid about two hours before taking a sample
-Write down the day cycle, the date and time when you take a urine sample.
-Collect a urine sample in an appropriate container for urine. Use a new container for each new sample. Pass urine through the sample test tiles using pipettes.
You can store the urine for testing later in the day. Urine can be stored at room temperature for up to 8 hours, or in the refrigerator for up to 24 hours. Do not freeze! For best results, test the urine on the same day when you take a sample. If you are saving the urine in the refrigerator, allow it before testing to reach room temperature (about 30 minutes). Do not shake the jar. If the bottom of the pot in which the collected urine form a grout, let it blow over. Only use urine from the top of the container.

The process of testing
1. To perform a test, you need a watch (that is not listed in the test).
2. Open the pouch and remove the test.
3. Use the test immediately, no later than 10 minutes after opening the bags
4. Place the test on a clean and level surface. Hold the bottle upright and add 4 full drops of urine (approx. 0.2 ml) in the test sample and start to measure time. Avoid creating air bubbles trapped in the sample.
5. Wait for it to show up colored line/lines. Depending on the concentration of hLH, positive results can be read in just 40 seconds. For all results, please wait 5 minutes to confirm your observation. I keep scanning the result after more than 30 minutes. Used test can be disposed of together with ordinary household waste from households.

Interpretation of results:
A NEGATIVE RESULT (THERE is NO INCREASE in LH): appears only one colored line in the control (C), or the test (T) line is lighter than the control line. There is no increase in LH.
A POSITIVE RESULT (LH): Visible are two colored lines and the test line (T) is equal to or darker than the control line (C). The ovulation will most likely come in front-nih 24-48 hours. If you want to become pregnant, the best time for intercourse is after 24, 48 hours ago but.
INVALID RESULT: No control line appears. The most likely reasons for control line failure are low on a sample or improper technique procedure. Review by-new procedure and repeat the test with a new test completing this. If the problem still persists, do not upotreblja-Watts following the test set, but notify your place-nog distributors.


How much is the correct Baby it, test for ovulation?
The test proved accurate in 99% cases, laboratory testing and in 96% of cases in testing that are also users.

When can I perform the test?
After you determine which is the best day to start testing based on Your monthly cycle, you can do a test at any time of the day. However, we do not recommend testing using first morning urine. Test between morning and evening 10:00 8:00 is a good time frame, where many of the subjects suggested testing at 10:00 in the morning. Test perform at about the same time each day. Reduce the intake of liquids two hours before testing.

What if the control line does not appear in the reading of results.
If the line does not appear in the controls after 5 minutes, the result is invalid and you should repeat the test using a new Baby this test. If the problem persists, please contact your local dealer.

I tested for 7 days and I haven't seen a spike in LH. What do I do?
Since not all women ovulate in the middle of the cycle might not detect the rise in LH during the first 7 days of testing. It could mean that you have not yet had any ovulation and you should continue testing the new Baby that LH test.

I tested the 8 days or more and still not see the rise in LH, what's wrong?
About 90% of women who have ovulation with regular cycles of uočiće increase during 8-10 testing. If this has happened to you, it could mean that this month you have ovulation. If you have a short cycle this month, you may have already had to ovulate before you begin testing. If you have a long cycle this month may not yet have ovulation. You can continue to test or you can test again next month. Don't worry; It's normal to occasionally have short or long cycles, or have a cycle without ovulation.

I used ovulation test for three months and every month I saw a spike in LH and had intercourse that day or night. I'm still not pregnant.
what's wrong?
First of all, it is important to remember that a lot of normal, healthy couples sometimes takes a few months for a woman to come up to conception. There are many factors that can affect your ability to become pregnant even if you have had intercourse during the most fertile day cycle. If after a few months and still no results, please consult a doctor.

What could interfere with the test results.
If you are already pregnant, have recently been pregnant, or if you are in menopause may affect false results. Some medications prescription, such as menotropini injection and Danazol may affect test results.
Please consult your doctor if you have any questions about interactions with medication prescription.

Does birth control affect the result?
After using the pill Your cycle can be a part-time and you might need a certain time to stabilise. We should possibly wait until you have 2 normal cycles before using the Baby by the test.

If Baby this test can determine fertile days, why it cannot be used as birth control?
Sperm can survive up to 72 hours, and this test predicts the rise in LH 24-36 just hours in advance. Therefore, if you have intercourse before you noticed an increase, and then can get to oplođenja eggs.

1. This test indicates high concen-whose hLH in urine (20mlU/ml), which means that it is likely to be the next ovulation in 24-48 hours. However, ovulation does not always come in the middle of the cycle: it is therefore possible that in the period of testing report 7 negative score.
2. Test works only when the exact test procedures are respected.
3. Do not use the same test the tile more than once.
4. This test cannot be used as a form of contraception.
5. The results of the tests should not affect analgesics, antibiotics and other common medicines. Medicines containing hLH or hCG can affect test and they really should not be taken while using the test for ovulation, Baby. Also, the test will not work properly if you are pregnant, if you are in menopause or you are taking pills for birth control.
6. Keep out of reach of children.

Test Kit must be stored at a temperature between + 2 and + 30 ° C until the expiry date. Bag must remain closed to the circulation. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight, moisture or heat.

-do not use if pouch is torn or damaged
-do not use after the expiry of the duration of
-Keep out of water, at a temperature of + 2 to + 30 ° C, but do not freeze
-make sure that the test bag is at room temperature before opening
-After the opening, use as early as possible
-Keep out of reach of children
-for use in in-vitro diagnostics. Not for internal use

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