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We’ve been around for a while. Since 1983 actually. And we’ve remained true to our mission from day one – to help guys look, feel, and smell their best to navigate the world of attraction. Of course, as masculinity and what it means to be a man evolves, we are changing the way we look at attraction, so read on to find out more about how our brand, values and products reflect this.
We’ll keep it short and sweet:  we design awesome fragrances so you can smell irresistible. All day. All over.
What do we mean by awesome? Well, we create relevant and unexpected fragrances that often rewrite the rules of traditional masculine scents – by putting a modern twist on classic structures and notes. We know our sandalwood from our cedarwood, and we’re proud to be fragrance geeks behind the scenes.
But our products don’t just smell amazing– they really do the job, with our dual action technology that busts odor and boosts fragrance. They feel great to use too, and they look great on your shelf or in your bag. All of that might seem like small details but it matters to us.
We’re a brand that’s all about attraction. We always have been, and that will never change. But as times have changed, so have we. and so as our guys’ definition of masculinity has expanded and changed, so have we as a brand. It’s pretty simple really: We believe in inclusivity, mutuality and progress. When it comes to attraction, and everything else. And whilst we’re up for a laugh on most stuff, this is something we definitely take seriously.
We believe it is our responsibility to use our platform to help advance the equality agenda.  We recognise our need to do better. So, we aim to reflect our values as a brand, along with the values of the people we speak to, and those of our community of ambassadors and contributors, by standing up for equality in the following ways:
Ensuring all our advertising and marketing reflects our brand values of inclusivity, mutuality and progress
Using and sharing our platform to showcase diversity and equality, shine a light on the experiences and perspectives of people from all backgrounds, and open up conversations in these important spaces.  
Ensuring our partners and collaborators share our values and have processes in place that enable representation and equality.
Supporting the broader plans of our parent company, Unilever, to advance diversity and inclusion in the workplace. We’re determined to build a strongly inclusive culture which respects every employee for who they are – regardless of gender, age, race, disability or sexual orientation. We believe that our employees’ contributions are richer because of their diversity, and we want to help them feel free to bring their authentic self to work every day.
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