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Over the past decade we have transformed into a focused leader in health technology

At Philips, our purpose is to improve people’s health and well-being through meaningful innovation. We aim to improve 2.5 billion lives per year by 2030, including 400 million in underserved communities. 

As a technology company, we – and our brand licensees – innovate for people with one consistent belief: there’s always a way to make life better.

At Philips, we see healthcare as a connected whole. Helping people to live healthily and prevent disease. Giving clinicians the tools they need to make a precision diagnosis and deliver personalized treatment. Aiding the patient's recovery at home in the community. All supported by a seamless flow of data.

We have a proud heritage of ground-breaking innovation that stretches back almost 130 years.

Meaningful innovation – focused on our customers’ needs – remains at the heart of everything we do.

Yet in an industry as fast-moving as ours, we can rarely innovate in isolation. Increasingly, this means partnering with healthcare providers, start-ups, universities (especially university hospitals) and other companies.

As a responsible company, we operate sustainably, to high Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) standards. We continue to embed sustainability ever deeper in the way we do business – in our own operations and beyond, together with our partners.

Brand: AVENT
Discount: 10%Special offer lasts while stocks last.Avent video alarm, but perfect quality sound, now you can see your baby clearly, day and night.Characteristics:Portable units range 150 m Infrared light for night visibility enables constant supervision 2.4 inch LCD monitor is perf..
22,799.00 RSD
Brand: AVENT
Avent video surveillance for your child during the day and at night, you can zoom, scroll painting, perfect picture and sound quality.Characteristics:Portable units range 150 m All day and night monitoring the child from any place 2.4 inch LCD monitor is perfect purity of image and sound ..
31,700.00 RSD
Brand: AVENT
Avent breast pumps for milk pumps without BPA:Izmazanje is much easier and easier thanks to the unique design of the pump Gently stimulates milk flow and nadolaženje The pump has a soft massage jastučice Using the pump easy to combine breast and bottle feeding The package comes with a pump d..
6,600.00 RSD
Brand: AVENT
Night protecting the wider shape for added protection when you are lying down   The unique design of the four layers of the skin keeps the dry Natural materials Protection against slipping sticky tapes Dermatologically tested..
990.00 RSD
Brand: AVENT
AVENT CUCLA 6 PLUS ZA GUSTU HRANU - SCF636/27 - Pacifiers and cheats..
799.00 RSD
Brand: AVENT
Functionality of the 4 in 1 steriliser provides the following: 1) a little configuration to sterilize pacifiers now file 2) medium size Configuration for sterilizing gas for izmazanje, plates, cutlery and viljuškica for young children 3) Great configuration for sterilization 6 vial 4) Integra..
13,300.00 RSD
Brand: AVENT
Thanks to its versatile size, in the steriliser 3 in 1 you can pick up items that you want to be sterilized, and takes up the least possible space in the kitchen. 3-in-1 functionality provides the following: 1) a little configuration to sterilize pacifiers now file 2) medium size Configuration for s..
10,249.00 RSD
Brand: AVENT
Philips AVENT sterilizer for use in a microwave oven is designed to fit into most of the microwave oven. Its small dimensions make it practical for travel, which means you will always have a sterile vial during short trips or longer vacation abroad. The exact duration of the cycle depends on the str..
5,688.00 RSD
Brand: AVENT
AVENT NATURAL STARTER SET ALL IN ONEProduct description: Avent Natural Starter Set All in One, ideal as a present at birth of a child. Characteristics: For children between the ages of 0 m + Easy maintenance and cleaning BPA Free Set Contains: 1 x Avent sterilizer 3 in 1 1 x cleaning bru..
17,999.00 RSD
Brand: AVENT
In the package are two Classic pacifiers with grating and fast flow teat for dense foods. Made of silicone without BPA, unique design which reduces stomach cramping and ensures a peaceful night's rest.Characteristics:Very soft silicone nipple without BPA For age 6 + Slot-slot For dens..
799.00 RSD
Brand: AVENT
Baby monitor additional parent unit, compatible with analog monitors SCD485 and SCD486. Aventovi analog alarms are great for keeping baby, providing clear sound with volume control, the sound comes on and the light as an additional signal to the parent, the range of 150 meters.Characteristics: ..
5,760.00 RSD
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