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Let us feed the soul, body and beauty with equal fear.
It all started fifteen years ago when the Aroma Tea Association for the Development of Aromatherapy was founded for the purpose of scientific and empirical research into the application and action of essential oils for the purpose of healing and body care, creating a holistic environment. A large number of participants, and now professional aromatherapists and aroma beauticians, as well as a large number of consultations, treatments, clinical cases, are the foundation and reference for the idea of ​​starting your own brand.
The founders of the idea, Aroma Tea Drops Brenda, a mother and three daughters, have combined many years of experience in collections based on natural and organic components, respecting the principles of ecology.
Aroma Tea Drops collections are intended for all lovers of nature and healthy living, who are looking for products that are exclusively handmade, in small series.
The Balkan Peninsula is a natural environment rich in numerous plants, herbs, vitamins and minerals. All these natural components have multiple beneficial properties.
For centuries, the indigenous population of the Balkans has used exactly what nature itself has given them, in order to preserve their health and vitality.
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