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As a family company, we combine tradition and vision and offer products with a strong effect, optimal dosage and high bioavailability. We work tirelessly on new products in order to provide the right active ingredients for as many indications as possible.
Sources of inspiration for us are knowledge from nature and our declared goal to improve the quality of life of our fellow human beings. That is why we also rely on our suppliers' in-depth knowledge and obtain our raw materials from the regions from which they originally come. Because with the knowledge handed down there, we guarantee authenticity and the best possible effect.
The values
Increase the effectiveness
The high quality of our products is essential for us. Years of experience and in-depth knowledge of effectiveness and hygiene enable us to produce highly effective products that meet the requirement of maximum purity.
We always pay attention to Healthclaim conformity and almost all products are made vegan. The commitment and passion that we bring to the work on our products are reflected in the effect and purity of our first-class products.
 The effect
Use natural remedies
Our products work in a natural way, are gentle and easy to digest. So that you can benefit from the highest possible effectiveness, we are continuously developing new combinations of active ingredients, the tolerability of which is verified in long series of tests.
"If you love your products, you make them yourself", says Dr. O. Naggar.
During his active time as a veterinarian, Dr. Naggar observe the power of action that comes from nature. In many animals he noticed a noticeable improvement in symptoms through the use of natural remedies, for example in horses with frankincense extracts against rheumatic joint problems.
ZeinPharma has been established in the healthcare market for many years and continues to set standards with new, innovative products and an attractive packaging design. ZeinPharma is a strong pharmacy brand that offers products at a very good price-performance ratio.
PR and marketing measures such as placements in health, lifestyle and sports magazines as well as trade fair appearances strengthen brand awareness and demand, which in turn increases sales.
The products are widely available in pharmacies and wholesalers.
ZEIN PHARMA BRUSNICA ČAJZAIN PHARMA CRANBERRY TEA Product description:Herbal tea mix with 50% share Cranberries. Studies have shown that ingredients fruits Cranberries are destroying bacteria Helikobakter pylori, Ulcer of the stomach of the most common uzrocnika. The most important role of ..
549.00 RSD
ZEIN PHARMA BRUSNICA ČAJ ZA DECUZAIN PHARMA CRANBERRY TEA FOR CHILDREN Product description:Studies have shown that ingredients fruits Cranberries are destroying bacteria Helikobakter pylori, Ulcer of the stomach of the most common uzrocnika. The most important role of the cranberries is in ..
539.00 RSD
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