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Swisslion Takovo business system - is a name that is uttered with a smile by fans of our products in the country but also in the region, throughout Europe and around the world. Manufactured using original SL technology from natural, strictly controlled ingredients, while adhering to standards that ensure quality and safety, our products have reached every corner of the planet Earth. The portfolio of the Swisslion Takovo business system includes all product groups: from chocolates and creams, foamy and rubber desserts and candies, waffles, gingerbread, through fine bakery products - biscuits (laminated, tea, biscuit, sandwich biscuits, salty sticks and crackers), ratluk, jelly products, ice cream, juices, baby food, alcoholic and soft drinks, soups, pasta, ice cream and meat products. The production takes place on the most modern equipment for the confectionery industry and is led by carefully trained workers under the watchful eye of a professional team. This is how the best snacks are made in our factories for all those who really like our products.
The values ​​we nurture
For decades, the Swisslion Takovo business system has been basing its business on the values ​​it nurtures, which are caring for people and socially responsible business. That is why the Swisslion Takovo business system is a desirable employer and partner in the environments in which it operates, a driver of innovation and a manufacturer whose product quality is trusted.
Our vision
The vision of the Swisslion-Takovo business system is to maintain the position of one of the leading leaders in the confectionery market in Serbia and the region, and to expand the circle of activities and develop a positive image of itself and its products as successfully positioned brands.
The wish of Swisslion is to be:
Desirable, quality and stable partner
The initiator of the economic development of the whole of Serbia
Synonymous with the most powerful food industry in Southeast Europe that contributes to the overall goals of the community to which it belongs.
The mission of the Swisslion Takovo business system is to provide consumers with as many moments of enjoyment of good tastes as possible with a wide and quality product range, all using healthy, natural and professionally tested raw materials, prescribed by SL technology and supported by state-of-the-art process equipment.
What makes our mission successful are:
Investments in technological equipment and infrastructure
Competent staff
Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)
Top quality raw materials
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