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Rosenserien is a Swedish organic skincare line for the whole family. Our products are 100% natural and made primarily with certified organic ingredients. All production is in Sweden. It contains essential rose oil and the base is certified fair trade aloe vera, vegetable oils and green tea, making the products effective, gentle and long-lasting.
Swedish organic skin care for the whole family
The demand for natural and organic skin care and beauty products is rapidly increasing. This is not new to us. Already in the eighties our founder Laine Nilsson and Agneta Törnqvist created Rosenserien, as a natural alternative for sustainable skin care and beauty. We still develop and produce or products in accordance with the same philosophy based on high-quality natural and organic ingredients. Our business idea is still based on small scale production, which allows us to constantly monitor that the Rosenserien product range lives up to. We follow the same philosophy all the way, from selecting our organic ingredients to the careful preparation.
Rosenserien has grown into one of Sweden´s leading organic skincare brands and is sold by therapists, beauticians, health food stores and spas throughout Sweden.
Under the brand name Rosenserien we manufacture and market around 35 skincare and hair products for both face, body and hair, in consumer packaging. We also have special products for professionals (beauticians, spas etc) in salon packs.
This gel for eyes reducing wrinkles around the eyes. Has mild compression effect and makes the skin soft and smooth. Leaves nut contains substances that accumulate over time, thus achieving rejuvenation effect. Can even eliminates dark circles around the eyes.Apply slight movements around the ey..
3,160.00 RSD
Exfoliating body reinforces and strengthens the skin. Removes dead cells of the skin, opens pores and makes your skin smooth and soft. It's great for the skin affected by cellulite. Apply to damp skin, or on a dry with wet gloves. Rub the tool to scrub long and circular motion in the direction o..
3,515.00 RSD
Effective gel cleanses and softens the beard before shaving. Cleans deep, skin is refreshed, clean and soft. Gel helps your skin to regulate sebaceous glands and keeps the endocrine secretion of the normal level.Apply to face and neck.It is suitable for all skin types. Ingredien..
3,145.00 RSD
Deep skin cleansing gel, rich in plants. Effectively removes most types of makeup, without damage of the surface layer of the skin. Small quantity, obtained by briefly pressing, is enough for the whole face. Massage and rinse with lukewarm water. Gel can help the skin while regulating sebum producti..
3,400.00 RSD
Soothing cream, easily absorbed by the skin. Makes your hands softer and more mobile. Contains vegetable oils and herbs, which protects and soothes the skin. Eliminates dry and cracked skin.INGREDIENTS: Aloe vera Gel, vegetable emulsifier, vegetable glycerine, oil seed rape, palm fatty acids, sh..
2,567.00 RSD
Hydrating foot cream, which softens hard skin and cracked parts. Rapidly absorbed and has a refreshing effect.  Among other things, contains arnica. Because of a medicinal herb, alternately provides cooling effect and heat.  Cream for legs gives new life to heavy and tired legs and fe..
1,526.00 RSD
Nourishing night cream that is easily absorbed and makes skin velvety. Enriched with omega fats, humektanatanom, karotinom and vitamins C and e. Suitable for all skin types, and is especially recommended for skin that needs extra moisture and nutritious ingredients that make the skin smooth. Apply t..
4,578.00 RSD
Soothing cream for the body that is easily absorbed into the skin. It hydrates the skin and helps her regain flexibility and balance. It's great as an after showering and sunbathing, and can be used as hand lotion.INGREDIENTS: Aloe vera gel, olive oil, Cetearyl alcohol, glycerin, Caprylic/Ca..
3,823.00 RSD
Gentle, effective and more of a deodorant that takes fresh longer. Deodorant based organic Aloe Vera Gel. Contains natural salts that prevent odors. Fresh citrus, including the sandalwood.INGREDIENTS: Aloe barbadensis leaf juice, Potassium alum, Glycerin, Allantoin, Xanthan gum, Rosa damascena ..
2,343.00 RSD
Mild cleansing agent which dissolves in the water effectively removes dirt, dust,makeup and dead skin cells on its surface. Massage your face and neck. Apply every day.Normal and dry skin: flush with water.Sensitive skin: Avoid water, wipe with a soft napkin for the face, which can be we..
3,590.00 RSD
Mild soap, that is. shower cream based on vegetable oils and herbal ekstratima. Can be applied and on the most sensitive skin. It has a high moisturizing effect and creates a soap opera even in salt water. It can also be used as a foam for swimming. It is very concentrated, one drop is enough for ha..
2,818.00 RSD
100% Pure cold pressed jojoba oil of high quality. Softens, protects, maintains vlažnostkože. Balances oily skin, protects the skin from dehydration and is quickly absorbed into the skin. Can be used as hidratno oil for body and face, cleansing cloths, for my nails, as the packaging for the hair and..
3,678.00 RSD
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