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Product description:

Physiomer Kids gently cleanses the nasal mucus is removed, the corridors of infectious agents and pollution in the case of zapušenog the nose during a cold or flu. It is recommended for children from 2 years.

Physiomer Spray Kids are gently dispersed and in this way:

 clean the nasal corridors in case of zapušenog nose during a cold or flu
 razređuje and removes phlegm, foreign particulate matter pollution in cases zapušenog nose and/or leakage of the nose.
 preventing ponovljanje infection

Natural, sterile, isotonic solution of purified seawater
Contains no preservatives or chemical additives
Isotonic concentration of mineral salts and trace elements these foods contain the ekvivalnetna concentration of 9 g/l sodium chloride, which is located in the human body
Method of application:
Stand in front of children or let it sit. Help him to turn his head to one side and gently place the nozzle in one nostril and press the nozzle during 2 seconds, freeing up a solution. After a few seconds, a solution usually leaks out through the other nostril, which is a sign that cleaning successfully. Repeat the same process with the other nozdrvom. Blow your nose. Syringe flush with hot water after each use.

Without limitations, you can use spray 1-2 times a day.
In the case of the common cold using Physiomer spray Kids 4-6 times a day.
Package: 115ml

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