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Our company was founded in 2003 and has since won many hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers. Since 2014, the company is focused on the business development of our onuge ® brand with it´s official onuge ® online shops within Europe. Since then, our focus has been on products for tooth whitening, e.g. White Strips, also known as White Stripes or Bleaching Stripes.
Safety and quality of our onuge ® products are a fundamental requirement for us. As a result, our onuge ® products are tested by national, independent laboratories, according to applicable EU guidelines for the distribution of cosmetic products. Only after official release do our products finally enter the trade. The future of onuge ® depends on the satisfaction of our customers and therefore we always strive to adapt our products and our service to the needs of our customers. Carefully selected ingredients, a competent team and many years of experience are the foundation for the success of our company and the brand onuge ®.
Brand: ONUGE
White Smile whitening strips are soft and flexible. Are designed to match the shape of the upper and lower teeth. 0Zahvaljujući advanced technology contain particles that produce the viscosity and elasticity that is unique and has successful effect. Just their elasticity and viscosity provided that ..
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