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Pancreatic enzymes form the first line of Defense body of cancer, this enzymatic formula cleanses blood vessels of plaque amiloidnog.

Pankreatski enzymes:
Pankreatski enzymes form the first line of Defense body of cancer. The pancreas secretes enzymes that help digestion and thus help the natural defense system against cancer cells. Cancer cell is coated and protected by a membrane protein. When a protein layer removed cancerous cells remains exposed and unprotected, and then a natural defense mechanism the body in the form of Leukocytes (white blood cells) is moving forward on the same carcinogenic cell. If the body is not able to penetrate and destroy this protein membrane cancer cells, cancer cells will proliferate and spread all over the body (metastasize), and various tumours will form as the body tries to isolate these cells and stop their spread. If you enter enough enzymes which facilitate digestion and Laeatril will not be able to act effectively.
Therefore it is very important to understand what role these enzymes which facilitate digestion.
Two enzymes that are particularly the pancreas secretes Trypsin and Himotripsin. It has been established that these two enzymes destroy the protein membrane cells of cancer, developing a defence mechanism it body, Neutrophils.
Thus follows the conclusion: If we spend all reserves of these two enzymes we will remain with no way to defend ourselves from the cancer cell. It is logical to supply the body with this specific enzymes (enzymes proteolitski) which destroy protein membrane of cancer. Also you should avoid any actions that might drain reserves for these enzymes in the body.

What empty reserves pankreatskih enzymes?
Animal protein, meat, red meat, boiled meat, white meat or any form of animal protein are a huge stress on our digestive system. While on the other hand for the digestion of proteins from vegetables don't need enzymes like trypsin and himotripsin. Thus digestion is one of the most difficult activities going through our body. In general it takes 15 – 70 hours to our stomach to fully Digest meat, of course depending on our eating habits. For example, how to combine the food that we eat is very important. NEVER ENTER THE PROTEINS TO CARBS. Steak with potatoes, meat and pasta, eggs and French toast are just some of the examples of proteins with carbs. These do not work simply because of the fact that the body produces two kinds of juices/acids to digested him different kinds of food. Produces acid for digestion of proteins and alkalis for the digestion of carbohydrates. When these two pomešete they neutralize forming a rotten crowd, whose parts may rot in some cases and over 70 hours. As a result of this digestion of proteins and carbohydrates are enzymes such as trypsin exhaust and himotripsina leaving little or no enzymes for the first line of Defense body when/if the cancer begins to form.

The basis of functioning of proteolitskih enzymes:
An important function of the enzyme is dismantling old cells that have completed their life cycle. It is an important process whose importance is often overlooked. Enzymes release the body of old and less efficient cells in favor of new, more efficient energy products by far and delivered energy.

The importance of enzymes is clear when one considers that the degree of aging of our bodies directly depends on whether our cells are efficient or are only present and inefficient ... Thanks to the enzymes of billions of cells a day together with other lipids and protein ingredients involved in recycling and production of new healthy and the most active cells.
If the body does not exist an adequate amount of enzymes that can break free of old cells and make room for new ones.

Therapeutic application of enzymes:
Treatment of proteolitskim enzymes showed results in the following conditions:

    inflammation of-sports injuries-sprains-fracture
    soft tissue injuries – pre and post operative therapy – burns – the healing of wounds
    Arthritis – viral infection (herpes) – bacterial infection (poor circulation Angina)
    arteroskleroza-blood clots – endometriosis dysmenorrhea – pancreatitis – neuritis
    nephritis – prostatitis – indigestion – iritabilnih bowel syndrome
Natokinaze and serapeptaze:
In the body some proteins can be a major cause of aging and minimized. A good example are the fibers that are involved in the formation of blood clots. The fibers can increase the chance of developing many well-known diseases cirkulacionog systems such as angina, arteroskleroza, thrombophlebitis, heart and stroke. Indeed, it can be related to reduced proteolitska dynamics in the bloodstream, which means less capacity to degradation of the protein with increased cases of cardiovascular diseases.
Moreover, the recommended diet with high content of enzyme proteolitskih, or supplementation, which can increase the potential of reducing proteolitski, so the risk of all these conditions.
Megazyme Forte Plus include Serazime ® and Natozime ®. Scientific studies have confirmed the ability of the enzyme to support and foster cardiovascular health and healthy response body to external stress.

His main ability is to literally devour the dead formation in our body ... clots, arterial plaque, fat in the bloodstream, water, fatty cysts, mucus, blood clots, which are a product of apoptosis ...

They also have the ability to clean blood vessels and improve circulation, help your body to get better oksigenizovano better ishranjeno.

Fibro tissue break down and kicked them. This tissue, protein, is formed in the body when there is inflammation or injury. This protein covering the struggling region to allow creation of new cells after the completion of this process of elimination. If your body is not able to do it yourself Serapeptaze helping him.

The important feature is the decomposition amiloidnog plaque that accumulates and the body chronic pain izvir in older people. Alzheimer's disease is also the accumulation of plaque in the brain amiloidnog ...

Finally, the most important role of the enzyme Serapeptaze daza is opposed many other drugs that are used to remove plaque from the arterial walls or reduce blood fat, not prevent the biosynthesis of cholesterol which is in pure form of antioxidant needs to bud eprisutan in every organ in the body.

Natokinaze's proteolitski system enzyme present in traditional Japanese food made from natural fermentation (cast subtilis natto) herbal ingredients of soybeans Bacillus Natto.
After extensive research 173 different foods, scientists concluded that Natto is enriched with natural substances needed human body to deal with dangerous clots. Natto contains a rare enzyme Natokinaze which has the potential to prevent or dissolve existing blood clots.
Provides significant advantages in vascular function, helps to restore healthy blood, is one of the most powerful trombolitika without any side effects, improves blood circulation, eliminates the possibility of thrombosis.

Improves the level of Fibrinogen, reduces the ELT (Euglobulin Lysis Time), reduces the tendency of deponovanja plaque, helps in the treatment of hemorrhoids and phlebitis.
The way in which modern medicine is controlling and treating blood clots are medications warfarin, aspirin and other synthetic drugs and for the razređivanju of blood and clots. Millions of people use these blood thinners, however these are only interim measures of protection and have little to do with actual health. Guarantee for cleansing blood clots by synthetic drugs by an average of 20 minutes, while Natto enzymes provide security from the clots between 4 and 8 hours without any side effects related to problems that can occur with synthetic drugs.

Super oxide dizmutaze:
Superoxide dizmutaze is a powerful antioxidant that is being produced by the body and is the first line of defense against free radicals. Unfortunately, the high level of stress, toxins in the environment and in food may neutralozovati supplies this antioxidant and leave us without this army or unprotected for many processes of oxidation. Significant reduction in SOD-and is connected with the process of aging.

Amino acid that is converted in the body into Glutathione peroxidase, a powerful antioxidant. Glutathione is an extremely important grabber free radicals that are formed in the oxidation process and damage the walls of the blood vessels, fat, proteins and even DNA within the cell doubling.

Natural digestive enzymes from pineapple, sulfurno compound is extremely useful. Exceptional use in digestion and breakdown of proteins. Here they keep his benefits. has excellent antiupalne skills to eliminate local inflamaciju, Islands, injuries, sports injuries, unnecessary retention of fluids in the body, the postoperative inflamacciju, reducing fat in the body.
It is also a very good mikolitik and can be useful in case of sinusitis. Helps reduce inflammation and edema of cellulite. It is considered that prevents the production of prostaglandins, which are associated with inflammation and pain.

Pankreatin – amylase – trypsin-himotripsin:
Adequate digestion is the main thing if we want to be healthy, to have good nutrients, apsorbujemo immunity. The product contains pakreatin of natural origin – a mixture of digestive enzymes, protease inhibitors are necessary for digestion of protein, amylase for digestion of carbohydrates and lipase levels necessary for the digestion of fat, for the decommissioning of all groups of nutrients.

Packing: 200 tablets

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