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Established in 1999, MEDITEKS has been producing medical textiles products without comprising on the fundamental values of the Quality Management System, always complying with the rules of continuous improvement and total customer satisfaction.
Total customer satisaction is achieved and continuously increased by progressively accomodating the client requests’ and constantly exceeding their expectations.
The use of high-quality raw materials, coupled with advanced technology and constantly- renewed modern machinery allows MEDİTEKS to control each and every stage of production.
MEDITEKS, whose product and service quality is a registered trademark both with domestic and foreign official certifications, will resume offering its valued clients the best quality products at the most competitive prices through steady investments financed by its strong fiscal structure.

FIRST AID TYPE B FOR CARS. Specifications type B: -First dressing-sterile, 10 cm x 5 m, with one pillow, 12 x 10 cm 2 PCs -Calico bandage 10 cm x 5 m 2 PCs -Calico bandage 8 cm x 5 m 2 PCs -Sterile gauze 1/2 m, 80x50 cm 2 PCs -Sterile gauze 1 m, 80 x 100 cm 1 PCs -Sterile gauze kompresa of 10 x 10 c..
1,750.00 RSD
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