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Nature's immune stimulator.

Immunitea-the ultimate supplement on the basis of the North American ginseng to boost immunity and health, strong and effective natural formula of Canadian origin.
Immunitea is no ordinary Ginseng extract. Active component Immunitee the gmse ", patented extract containing not less than 40% natural poly-furanosil-piranosiI saharida of North American ginseng (panax quinquefolius). Polly-furanosil-piranosil saharidi, scientifically and clinically proven to stimulate cell proliferation (multiplication) and the activity of lymphocytes. The traditional application of ginseng is related prvenstveo for Chinese ginseng and for active ingredient ginsenoide whose content is minimised in immuno-stimulativnoj faction which makes Immuniteu. So Immunitea targeted stimulates the activity of the immune system without any other side effects.

Immunitea is intended to increase immunity to prevent infectious diseases such as bacterial and viral infections.

What can immunitea ® to do for health?
Clinical studies at the University of Alberta and the University of Phoenix in Arizona have shown that Immunitea ®, in the recommended mode, effectively increases and maintains the proliferation of lymphocytes in the Human body by 40% (Beneshin, c. et al. 2009). This includes B and T lymphocytes and NK cells and macrophages. At the same time, the Immunitea ® increases and communicate with them by producing increased volumes of their natural chemical mediators such as antibodies IgG family, IL-1, IL-2, IL-6, TNF-a, HOWEVER, and interferon-v (Wang, m. et al. 2001).

A number of clinical and scientific research have been shown to increase immunity using extracts of poly-furanosil-piranosil saharida of North American ginseng directly affects significantly reduced the risk of diseases:
The most extensive "double blind" study was conducted at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Alberta in Canada where they observed two groups of respondents for a period of 4 months. The group that regularly take extract poly-saharida from North American Ginseng is for 48% reduced risk of colds in relative to the control group (Predy G, et al. 2005).
The above rezultateje confirmed and clinical study conducted at the Center for cancer and infectious diseases, which was performed at the University of Kenatiketa in America. In addition, in this study have been questioned and effects in slučuja taking the extract at the appearance of the first symptoms of respiratory infections and the results showed that in the event of illness, Polly-furanosil-piranosiI saharidi reduce the intensity and duration of symptoms for 55% ( Mcelhaney Je, et al. 2006).
A study done at the Eastern Virginia Medical School in America was done in elderly subjects who lived in the House and it was determined that in this population the risk of flu reduced even to 89% (McElhaney, j. et al. 2004).
At the University of Alberta in Canada have carried out studies of the influence of poly-furanosil-piranosiI saharida in the digestive tract. The study found a strong influence on the efficiency of the immune system, which allows you to more easily and more efficiently address the various abdominal discomforts viral and bacterial origin (Biondo P.D. et al. 2008).
All these phenomena were recorded with ordinary extracts of ginseng and it reflects refinement of methods of cultivation, as well as the methods of extraction of polysaccharides from American ginseng.
All the research shows that Immunitea ® provides highly effective protection. Individuals who did not have Immuniteu and in case of appearance of the first symptoms to the results of studies of Immuniteom treatment reduces the intensity of the symptoms and duration of the illness.

The contents of the active substances:
Active ingredients: 1 capsule contains 200 mg of plant extracts of gmse1 ", immune stimulating poly-furanosil-piranosiI saharida from the roots of North American ginseng (Panax quinquefolius). ginse ™ is a standardized extract containing at least 40% (w/w) poly-furanosil-piranosil saharida.

Taking immunitee are advised in the periods:
Increased exposure to diseases such as:

  Flu and colds
  Summer infection
  Abdominal discomfort
When the organism is exhausted and weakened due to:

Fatigue and insomnia
Diet and irregular meals
Long-term or chronic diseases
Radio and chemotherapy
Postoperative recovery
How to use immunitea ®?
Regular mode:
To maintain a high immune system function and disease risk reduction:
-1-2 times a day per 1 capsule

Intensive mode:
If people feel the first signs of illness, stress, body weakness and fatigue, and not taking Immuniteu, we recommend taking the intensive mode by the following Dynamics:
-Day 1. -3 times a day for 3 capsules
-Day 2.0-3 times a day for 2 capsules
-Day 3. and doktraju symptoms-2-3 times a day per 1 capsule

Intensive usage mode quickly and effectively increases the power of the immune system and thus significantly reduces the intensity and duration of various infectious diseases.

It has been shown that ginsenosidi that is contained in the plant ginseng reduces the effectiveness of the antitrombotskih and antikoagulantnih therapy. And if immunitea is no ordinary Ginseng extract, and contains a significantly reduced amount of ginsenosida, due to the severity of the antitrombotičkih and antikoagulantnih therapy, immunitea is not recommended for people who drink platelets aggregation inhibitors and anticoagulant medicines (for example Farin or Warfarin).

Contra-indications are not observed even when trials taking doses of 100 and higher than the recommended daily dose.
In the case of alergiskih reaction (skin itching, etc) on ginseng suspend implementation of Immunitee.

Packaging: 20 capsules

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