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 The Himalayan salt was created about 250 million years ago at the foot of the Earth's largest energy center - the Himalayas, at a time when the Earth was a perfect ecosystem and is considered healthier and cleaner than other salts. This crystalline salt was created by drying the prehistoric sea in which life on the planet became, covered with lava, which perfectly preserved its structure. Himalayan salt is organic, fresh, clean and unpolluted. It is dug and ground by hand in order to preserve all its properties and values. It has been used in this form for centuries and is called "Royal salt" and "White Gold".

The Himalayan salt in its perfect structure contains 84 essential minerals, including magnesium, selenium, calcium, copper, zinc, iron, chromium, manganese and other minerals that are vital to the human body. They are found in organic and colloidal form that are easily absorbed by the human body. The enormous pressure of the Earth's crust around the Himalayan mountain range has created a perfect crystal structure similar to that of precious stones from a bioenergetic point of view. Himalayan with its perfect crystal structure and composition helps the body to achieve perfect balance with the effect of rejuvenation.

Why is Himalayan salt healthier than ordinary table salt?

Salt is essential for life - you can't live without it. However, most people simply do not realize that there are big differences between the standard refined cooking salt, to which people are accustomed, and healthy natural salts. The standard kitchen salt is actually 97.5% sodium chloride and 2.5% chemicals and additives that are very harmful to health. Dried at over 650º C, excess heat changes the natural chemical structure of the salt. Sea salt has not been healthy for a long time, because the seas are turning into landfills for dangerous and poisonous substances. If you want something healthier in your diet, you need to use salts with all natural elements, such as Himalayan salt, whose crystals contain 84 minerals and elements necessary for optimal health and balance of the organism. Himalayan salt crystals do not require as much water to be metabolized. Himalayan salt helps maintain fluid balance throughout the body, supports healthy cell pH and helps regulate blood pressure. Inhalation of this salt, in combination with therapy, is important for relieving problems with the respiratory system, so it is often used for sinus problems and persistent cough, as well as for seasonal allergies. It is common to use Himalayan salt as a bath for the purpose of skin care and lubrication, because it absorbs the minerals that this salt contains. It also has a role in detoxification and thus helps to cleanse and refresh the skin. Chromium, zinc and sulfur help fight acne and prevent scarring. Magnesium helps calm sore muscles, so a bath containing Himalayan salt can help relieve fatigue and relax the whole body, as well as better sleep. Himalayan salt lamps are used to purify the air. This neutralizes airborne allergens such as dust, dirt and other pollutants. As a result, purified air remains. The minerals in this salt are also useful for the digestive system. They stimulate the release of amylase, an enzyme that helps break down carbohydrates, and stimulate other enzymes involved in digestion.

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