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Fortelax ® antrahinonsko is a tool for bowel movement. Active antrahinoni released from antraglikozida (senozidi) by bacteria in the colon. Experience the stimulation of nerve endings mucous membranes, effect on smooth muscles and gain peristaltike. Fortelax is largely absorb in the small intestine, and the rest of the hidrolizuje in the colon. One part of absorbovane substances are excreted in urine, and the other goes into the colon where it exerts its effects. Laksantni effect occurs 6 -12 hours after applying.

-For complete emptying of the colon as a preparation for radiological examinations of gastrointestinal and urogenital, full body scintigraphy, a rectal exam and a colonoscopy as well as operational procedures that are done in general anesthesia.
-help with constipation, acute and chronic.

-Adults: the day before the views that require a full bowel movement, drink the contents of the entire bottle at once, and then the same vial fill repeatedly three times with water and drink.
-Children: Below 14 years old should drink 1 ml of syrup per kg of body weight, and then triple the amount of water.
At the specified dosage scheme must follow the doctor's recommendations about nutrition.
-Adults: 3 teaspoons (15 ml) of the syrup and a full glass of water at night if necessary.
-Children: Below 14 years old should drink 0, 2 ml per kg of body weight, and then triple the amount of water.

Fortelax is not used in cases where there is no intestinal obstruction, appendicitis or vague symptoms in the abdominal area, as with hypersensitivity to any component that enters in the composition of syrup.

In very rare cases may affect pain, vomiting, diarrhea, mild abdominal disorders. Are described and a rash, itching, skin rash, and angioedema. In the case of such adverse effects, be sure to contact to the pharmacist or doctor.

Should pay attention to long-term use (months and years) may result in degeneration of the mijenteričnog Plexus, atony of columns and hypokalemia.
It is necessary to be especially careful in diabetics, because each vial contains 50 g sucrose (sugar).
Syrup can be given to pregnant and nursing women, as in the usual manner of application concentrations which are passing in milk nedovolje to work on the sucker.
In babies and young children, after taking Fortelax, to avoid longer skin contact with extracted stool, and because of the possible appearance of rash recommends frequently changing diapers.
Excessive intake can lead to diarrhea with greater loss of water and electrolytes, particularly potassium.

5 ml syrup (1 measuring scoop) contains 10 mg hidroksiatracenskih Glycoside list shadows (reckoning as senozid B)
Auxiliary substance: methyl propyl para-para-hidroksibenzoat, hidroksibenzoat, sucrose, etilalkohol, essential oil of anise, a laundry water.

Closed bottle stored at room temperature (15 to 250 c), protected from light, out of the reach of children.


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