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Company Eterra doo Belgrade,
with headquarters in Belgrade, st. Bul. M. Pupina 115v / VII was founded on March 8, 2010 and since then it has been engaged in the production, purchase, processing and placement on foreign markets of fruit and vegetable products.
Strategic thinking and control of all cycles in the production and processing of vegetables and paying attention to the smallest details brings our company to the very top in the field of processing and marketing of fruit and vegetable products in Serbia.
Our financial indicators and satisfied customers across the EU are proof of the seriousness and highly professional orientation of our company.
During its business, our company has placed emphasis in the trade part on the placement of products from its range on foreign markets and cooperation with leading companies in the field in the EU.
The export potential of our company is large and focused on strategic planning and product quality with quality guarantee.
ETERRA AMLA PRAH 300g - 20161430 - Bile and liver..
1,379.00 RSD
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