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Product Description

Sales of this drug over the Internet is prohibited by the law of the Republic of Serbia, while advertising the same way the Internet allowed solely as a reminder and has the purpose of information.


Carefully read these instructions because it contains information that suvažne for you.

This medicine you can buy without a medical prescription, to treat minor ailments without the help of your doctor. In addition, it is necessary to carefully use this medicine to get the best results from it. If you need any more additional information or advice, please contact a doctor, to the pharmacist. If your symptoms get worse or if it does not get better, be sure to visit Your doctor.

Protected name of drug, strength, pharmaceutical form:
Efferalgan 150 mg, suppositories have

Unprotected, generićko name:

The contents of the active substances:
One suppository contains:
Paracetamol 150 mg

The contents of secondary substances:
Solid fat (vegetable origin).

What is cure efferalgan 150 mg, suppositories have and what he's supposed to do.
The drug contains paracetamol.
It is used to combat mild to moderately severe pain and/or reduction of elevated temperatures. It is intended for application at conditions such as: headache, toothache, muscle pains, state similar to flu.
The drug is intended for children weighing from 8 to 12 kg (aged around 6 to 24 months).
Carefully read part of "Filling".
There are different strengths of paracetamol in children different weights: check with your doctor or pharmacist.

What you need to read before using the drug.
Alert the doctor if you are taking other medications, have a chronic illness, metabolic disorder, or you are hypersensitive (allergic) to medication.

When efferalgan suppositories have not used?
Medicine does not use in case of:

known hypersensitivity to paracetamol,
severe liver diseases,
present or an inflammation in the back of the colon or anus; bleeding from the colon

Special warnings:
Immediately contact your doctor in case of overdose or accidental taking extremely large doses.
The drug contains paracetamol. There are other medicines containing this active substance. Do not combine these medications to avoid exceeding the recommended daily dose. (see the section "Filling").
While applying suppository there is a possibility of development of local irritation. The frequency and severity of irritation are increased depending on the duration of therapy, the interval between doses and doses applied.

If and by applying medicine pain persists longer than 5 days, the fever for more than 3 days or develop other symptoms, be sure to contact your doctor.
In case of severe liver or kidney disease, be sure to contact your physician before you begin to apply paracetamol.

If you need advice or further information, please contact your physician or to the pharmacist.

Drug interactions and other interactions:
If you need to get your child determine the concentration of uric acid or sugar in your blood, make sure to inform doctors about the use of this drug. In order to avoid possible interactions with medications, a doctor or pharmacist should always inform about the use of another drug.

Application of trudnoćii in breastfeeding:
Under normal conditions, paracetamol can be used in pregnancy and during breastfeeding.

Before using any medication during pregnancy and breast-feeding period should be consulting a doctor or pharmacist.

Influence on psychophysical abilities when a motor vehicle and machinery:
It is not known.

How to cure efferalgan 150 mg, suppositories have used?
If you think the cure Efferalgan 150 mg, suppositories have too weak or strong work on the body of a child, contact your physician or to the pharmacist.

Dosage depends on the weight of the child, the approximate age of a specific weight of the child is just as relative benchmarks.
If you do not know the weight of a child, you need to measure to determine your dose.
There are different strengths of paracetamol in children of different weight.
The recommended daily dose of paracetamol is 60 mg/kg/day, divided into 4 individual treatment i.e. around 15 mg/kg every 6 hours.
Due to the possibility of local toxicity, we do not recommend application of suppository more than 4 times a day. Duration of the rectal treatment should be as short as possible.
In the case of diarrhea is not recommended to apply a suppository.
The drug is intended for children weighing from 8 to 12 kg: dosage is one suppository of 150 mg. In case of need, repeat the dose after 6 hours. Must not exceed the daily dose of 4 suppositories have for 24 hours.

If you are not sure, check with your doctor or pharmacist.

Method of application:
Rectal applications.

If your child's temperature exceeds 38.5 ° c, in order to pospešilo treatment is good to do next:

remove child clothes
give him plenty of fluids
the child should reside in the pretoploj room
If necessary, a child about water for 2 ° C cooler than the temperature of a child

The frequency of doses:
The proper application of medication to avoid fluctuations in the intensity of pain and increased body temperature:
In children, the drug's dosing at regular intervals both during the day and during the night, naibolje every 6 hours. The minimum interval between two application of medication can be 4 hours.
In case of severe disease (creatinine clearance less than 10 ml/min), the interval between two application of medication must be at least 8 hours.

If you have applied more than one drug than bl?
Be sure to let me know right away the doctor in case of overdose or poisoning zadesnog.

If you forget to apply a cure efferalgan 150 mg, suppositories have:
Never take a double dose of supply that you have preskoćili to take the cure.

Possible unwanted effects of medication:
As well as other drugs and suppositories have efferalgan can for some people cause weaker or stronger adverse effects:In rare cases the rash may occur on the skin, skin redness, hypersensitivity reaction in the form of a sudden swelling of the face or neck, or a sudden drop in blood pressure with exhaustion. Should immediately stop using the medication and refer to a physician.
In individual cases, a revised reported the results of laboratory tests that require regular blood count control: low values of certain white blood cells or other blood cells (platelets), which can lead to bleeding gums or from nose. In this case, be sure to contact your doctor.
During the application of suppository can lead to irritation of the back of the colon or anus.

Please inform the doctor or pharmacist if you notice any side effects, even though it is not mentioned in this manual.

Shelf life and storage conditions:
Don't use medicine after the expiration date indicated on the package.
Keep at temperature up to 30 ° c.
Keep out of reach of children.

Way of publishing a cure:
The cure can be issued without medical prescription.

Special measures the destruction of unused medication or rest cure:
The drug will be destroyed in accordance with the applicable regulations.

The name and address of the authorisation for placing the drug on the market:
Driver PHARMASVVISS, Vojvode Stepe 18, Belgrade

The name and address of manufacturer:
BRISTOL-MYERS SOUIBB, 304, avenue du Docteur Jean Bru, 47000 Agen, France

Before using a detailed study guide. About indications, precautions and adverse reactions to medication, consult with a doctor or pharmacist.

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