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A branch of the tree ‘The Shivalika Rugs’ that found its roots back in the year 1981, Dr. Soft is essentially a home-essential company. With supplies to numerous retail stores spread out in as many as 65 countries including USA, UK, FRANCE, GERMANY, SWITZERLAND, AUSTRALIA, JAPAN, CANADA, AND MANY MORE. Dr. Soft is truly a brand that makes in India, decorates the world. Most undoubtedly a pioneer in the field of home decor products.
At Dr. Soft, we’re backed by a team of experienced designers and product developers, with an experience of over 200 years cumulatively and this is what helps us bring to you some impeccable products to verve up the definition of a stylish and cozy home. Our range of products includes a wondrous composition of luxuriant home decor items! Yes, we have pillow fillers, curtains, bedsheets, carpets, and even doormats and some great ones at that.
Dr. Soft is a brand that completely for people, who love being home, and therefore we at Dr. Soft offer designs that make the homes just perfect! And no, by perfect we do not mean ideal. Instead, we mean something that appeals to your eyes, and has the approval of your loved ones! Yes, we are pretty serious about that, even if we have to come up with the quirkiest of items to prove that right!
And while we’re at it, we make sure that our environment and leave the world a better place for our next generation which is we try our best that our products last very very long, also we look at innovative ways to create beautiful products by up-cycling fabric waste, plastic bottle waste, sea waste and many more. Our designs are not just simply entreating for you, but also compelling enough for your guests. So much so that they’d want you to adopt them! After all, who doesn’t like a home which is not just urbanely classy but also chic, vibrant, and comfortable?
Brand: DR. SOFT
Dr Soft wipes for adults are soft, refreshing, microbiologically tested wipes with Aloe Vera. In the composition of emulsion are natural components that are working on regenerative skin. Aloe Vera reduces the inflammatory processes in the skin and promotes their healing, and penetrating into deeper ..
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