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The unsurpassed beauty of the sea, the trembling of its depths and the healing properties of miraculous algae, was brought to this part of our country by a woman, Mrs. Božen Žumbor.
BOŽEN COSMETIC company supplementing its BEAUTY AND HEALTH program in its stores in Serbia and in cooperation with over 100 pharmacies, as well as in sales outlets of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republika Srpska, Montenegro… keeps the message: Be healthy, beautiful, enjoy nature, people, enjoy yourself, and we will nurture you with what is best and what nature gives us.
The company BOŽEN COSMETIC has been successfully operating for 28 years as a leader in algeology in the field of cosmetics and dietetics.
Well known outside the borders of our country, she has built her business motto through the quality of business, highly educated management from various fields. The success of BOŽEN COSMETIC is explained by management experts with the right choice of products profiled by business philosophy.
BOŽEN COSMETIC cooperates with the most famous factories from the Netherlands and France.
Famous products created by the author: TURBO HOSE, MAKEUP REMOVAL GLOVES and other products are used worldwide.
In the call center BOŽEN COSMETIC you can get advice, all the necessary explanations about the products and how to use, with 28 years of experience…
BOŽEN COSMETIC employees regularly undergo educational programs, supplementing their knowledge in the field of algeology, management and business culture.
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