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Thanks to the tradition of B.G. PHARM, based on many years of experience, we have the opportunity to offer you a wide range of cosmetic products and dietary supplements.
Nature and we create for you.
Products B.G. PHARMs are based on quality raw materials and are carefully formulated to meet the needs of consumers.
The quality and health safety of the finished product are confirmed by certificates from the competent institutions.
Brand: B.G. PHARM
PINIGREEN COMPOSITION: -essential oil of eucalyptus -essential oil pine -essential oil timjana -essential oil of mint -MintACTION: PINIGREEN drops contain a combination of essential oils, which thanks to its active ingredients open up prdnost and disinfect airway, facilitating drainage of ..
452.00 RSD
Brand: B.G. PHARM
POTASSIUM CHLORIDECOMPOSITION: Bag contains lg powder potassium chloride, which corresponds to 13.4 mMol c +. EFFECT ofThe drug is used for potassium. A normal concentration of potassium in serum is 3.5-5.0 mMol/l. Hypokalemia causes characteristic changes in the work of the heart and muscle wea..
105.00 RSD
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