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APExBIO Technology LLC is a premier provider of Small Molecule Inhibitors/Activators, Compound Libraries, Peptides, Assay Kits, Fluorescent Labels, Enzymes, Modified Nucleotides, mRNA synthesis and various tools for Molecular Biology. We carry a broad product line in over 20 different research areas such as cancer, immunology, neurosciences, apoptosis and epigenetics etc. Based in USA (Houston, Texas), we have been serving the needs of customers across the world.
We pay the most careful attention to the quality of our products. All products are manufactured with rigorous guidelines and are accompanied with certificates of analysis, HPLC, Mass Spectrum, and HMNR, as well as in vitro validation. APExBIO products have been cited by many top peer-reviewed journals such as Nature, Cell and Science.
THE SYSTEM FOR DETERMINING THE CONCENTRATION OF SUGAR IN BLOOD-Advanced biosenzorske technology and extremely small dimensions -for measuring needs only a drop of fresh capillary blood (volume 1.5 µ l) -Result in 10 seconds -Memory for 10 measurements results -easy to maintain (there is no n..
3,000.00 RSD
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