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Active Hydrogen Professional Cream 50 ml contains a high concentration of molecular hydrogen of 6.6 ppm, as evidenced by the report of the Institute of General and Physical Chemistry Belgrade. A stable formula provides an enhanced and prolonged effect.
Active Hydrogen Professional Cream 50 ml is a super-saturated alkaline (base) cream with the pH-value up to 8.5, containing nano-bubbles of molecular hydrogen.
Active Hydrogen Professional Cream 50 ml is primarily primarily intended for professional athletes, sports doctors, physiotherapists, physiatrists and all those who engage in strong physical effort during training sessions. It is especially recommended to people with acute and chronic pain, as well serious injuries in the early phase of treatment.
Active Hydrogen Professional Cream 50 ml relieves pain and leads to its earlier cessation, reduces swelling, reduces inflammatory processes and significantly accelerates the recovery from injuries. Research studies have determined that hydrogen penetrates up to 5 cm below the skin, which provides an effective depth effect in the treatment of injuries.

 Product description:The first product in the world with strong antioxidant action in topical form. It increases the strength of movement and physical activity. It produces a cooling and relaxation effect at the place of application of the preparation. Suitable for sports massage and relaxation..
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